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How Multiple Law Firm Marketing Channels Work Together

Teamwork makes the dream work, so the saying goes, and just like world-class athletes are stronger when they work together, so does your law firm marketing and its subsequent channels. Using the right amount can transform your law firm’s website into a client-generating machine.

You may be using one or two channels to increase your firm’s leads, but did you know that a skillfully implemented multi-faceted marketing approach can boost your revenue significantly? Embracing omnichannel law firm marketing can increase your prospects’ user experience and your revenue.

What Is Multi-Channel and Omnichannel Marketing?

Multi-channel and omnichannel marketing strategies focus on engaging clients across multiple platforms. However, they are not entirely the same. Multi-channel marketing strives to make its organization available across multiple channels. Meanwhile, omnichannel acknowledges that the client may use multiple channels on different devices and aims to create a quality user experience between them all.

Multi-channel marketing focuses on the organization’s operations, while omnichannel marketing focuses on the customer experience through paid social, Pay-Per-Click, email marketing and more. 

Does Multiple Channel Marketing Work for Law Firms?

Using multiple marketing channels to increase your law firm’s revenue is a solid strategy. When properly implemented, this can provide your potential clients with a better experience, encouraging them to hire you, which drives increased revenue.

  • Consistent brand tone: You can create a seamless brand identity across your channels. Your firm can drive more sales by focusing on your prospective clients’ experience. 
  • Increased revenue: Omnichannel approaches encourage your customers to engage across multiple channels. These engagements can increase your firm’s revenue at various stages of your prospect’s journey.
  • Improved attribution data: Tracking your analytics while using an omnichannel approach can help you better understand your typical client journey, how prospects prefer to engage, and which marketing campaigns bring you the most return on your investment. 
  • Throwing a wide net: With different channels, you hit more demographics and reach a broader audience. Plus, the complementary messages across the verticals mean you develop a holistic marketing strategy, siphoned into different channels. For example, display advertising is excellent for building awareness whereas email marketing is great for educational purposes. These messages support each other and can create an improved opportunity for conversion, as opposed to using one channel. 

The truth is, even if you’re not using omnichannel marketing, potential clients are – they visit multiple channels as they move through your sales funnel. 

A strong marketing funnel will connect with potential clients in the following stages:

  • Top of the funnel: These marketing strategies focus on brand awareness and gaining new prospective clients.
  • Mid-Funnel or consideration phase: Your marketing strategies capture mid-funnel leads by providing valuable advice.
  • Bottom of the funnel: This is where you close the deal.
  • Retention: Once you have a new legal client, you should aim to impress them with your service so they send referrals and use your firm again.

Multiple Legal Marketing Channels

When choosing an omnichannel marketing strategy, it is essential to understand what channels are available and which ones complement each other. Your channels should offer your prospects a full range of support. Using digital marketing like a website, social media, and paid media advertisements can provide prospects who enjoy surfing the web with a plethora of information and contact options at their fingertips. 

Social Media

Social media is an excellent – and affordable – tool for law firms in terms of visibility and awareness. Everyone has a social media presence, either personal or professional, and capturing prospective clients where they are (on social) is simple common sense. From sharing weekly blog posts to chiming in on current events, you can expand your reach and capture more prospects than you wouldn’t have otherwise, and develop a community.

Paid Media

You can run pay-per-click campaigns through Google. These allow you to pay for certain keywords. For instance, perhaps you pay $1 for the keyword phrase “California car accidents.” You may budget $100 per week for this keyword. Your keyword will put your law firm at the top of the search results page until 100 one-dollar clicks from potential clients have run through your budget (bonus: you can set your own budget).

You can stop and start your paid marketing campaigns at any time. So if your current campaign is not giving the expected results, you can pause it, tweak it, and then resume with a new strategy.

Content Creation

Content creation as a law firm marketing strategy has grown in popularity over the last several years. This strategy aims to publish weekly blog posts with content that uses specific keywords linked to your legal offerings. Over time, your blog will attract more potential clients because you offer your readers high-quality, helpful content.

A well-written blog is a gift that keeps on giving. Your blog’s articles can continue to attract quality readers to your website years after you publish them. You can also easily update your articles when new laws are passed or numbers need to be updated to ensure the accuracy of your information.

You can create the blogs yourself, but many companies specialize in high-quality content creation and search engine optimization for your website. These marketing companies can ensure your articles are properly optimized to rank for the right keywords.

Direct Mail

Not every channel is an online channel. It is important to remember that not everyone feels comfortable using the internet to shop for a law firm. Direct mail can help you capture this target market that prefers print over digital media, and lately, because it is so infrequently used, direct mail is more noticeable than an email. 

Offering different engagement methods opens your door to more clients than ever before. An omnichannel marketing approach can also help you with awareness building. 

Create a Fully-Integrated Omnichannel Marketing Funnel

As an attorney, law firm advertising may feel like the least essential issue on your mind this week. However, you cannot ignore this step if you are concerned with capturing and converting more leads into clients. However, you do not need to juggle the advertising yourself. Martindale-Avvo offers a host of law firm marketing channels that can help you boost your legal business.

How Martindale-Avvo Can Help 

Martindale-Avvo leverages a high-quality digital network that law firms use to grow the business of their practice and increase visibility. From Martindale-Hubbell to Avvo, to Nolo, Martindale-Avvo is the parent company that facilitates omnichannel marketing services to specifically legal audiences. 


Martindale-Hubbell offers profiles with Peer Review Ratings that allow lawyers in the U.S. and Canada to be rated anonymously by other attorneys. The highest rating is AV; it is awarded to attorneys with the highest ethical standards and legal prowess. Displaying your Peer Review Rating is an excellent way to build trust with a potential client. 


Avvo is a directory of attorneys across the United States with reviews, ratings, and disciplinary records. By connecting clients with the right lawyer for their current legal needs, Avvo is an attorney’s trusted partner in marketing their firm. Clients can search for lawyers by name, practice area, or location, and these fields can be targeted through advertising plans.

Other services to help market your firm

Martindale-Avvo also offers some digital products that make legal life (and intake) easier. With chat, intake software, website design, SEO and pay-per-lead services, attorneys can manage not just the marketing side of their business, but save time and boost revenue. Contact an account representative today to learn more about how our omnichannel approach can reinvigorate your business.

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