Erin Mihalik

Erin is a freelance writer with a background in law and policy. She holds a J.D. and an M.P.A. from Indiana University, Bloomington. She has experience writing for the legal industry and prestigious governmental and NGO organizations, such as the National Council of the Union of Burma and the International Organization for Migration, a UN-related organization. In her free time, Erin enjoys traveling, SCUBA diving, beach running, and rock climbing.

Recent Articles

Immigration and the War in Ukraine

As the Russian war on Ukraine drags on, many Ukrainian refugees seek temporary protected status (TPS) in the United States. Here’s a look at the past, present, and future of U.S. refugee and immigration law, focusing on the current conflict in Ukraine and war refugees. A Brief History of U.S. Immigration Laws and Refugee Policies…Read More

The End of the LSAT?

In a memorandum dated April 25, 2022, the American Bar Association (ABA) announced that they would no longer require an admissions test, although law schools are free to require their test of choice.  This subject has been rumbling since 2018 with the elimination of Standard 503 and its requirement of an admission test, i.e., the…Read More

What Has the Great Resignation Done to the Legal Field?

In 2021, over 47 million Americans said, “I quit.” The numbers left many businesses reeling from a lack of staff. Companies have been forced to reduce their operating hours as they simply can’t staff their businesses. Has the Great Resignation’s impact on the legal field been significant? Learn how law firms have been affected and…Read More

How Inflation Affects Legal Rates

Inflation and legal practice costs are linked. However, whether they are directly linked is another question. This article explores the effects of inflation on legal practice costs today. How Is Inflation Affecting the Legal Field? Around the world, countries, and businesses are struggling with inflation that is rising at the fastest rate in four decades….Read More

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