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Nghi Thanh Lam Gains Traction With Martindale-Nolo’s Lead Services

Nghi Thanh Lam is part of Martindale-Nolo’s series of pay-per-lead case studies based on a short interview. Editor’s note: this post was updated on July 16, 2024.

Law Firm: Nghi Thanh Lam Law Firm

The Nghi Thanh Lam Law Firm is based in Huntington Beach, California. Attorney Nghi Thanh Lam exclusively provides legal services in criminal law. His unique background growing up as a poor refugee on welfare gives him a distinctive insight into many of his clients’ challenges. Nghi Thanh Lam specializes in helping his clients overcome obstacles, change, and become better people. Sometimes people from poor communities are accused of crimes they didn’t commit. His law firm is the tool he uses to help those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Problem: Ineffective Marketing Not Delivering Legal Leads

Nghi Thanh Lam is passionate about criminal law. He started his law firm more than a year and a half ago. However, his marketing efforts fell flat before he learned about Martindale-Nolo’s legal lead services.

“My marketing wasn’t really effective until Martindale-Nolo leads. I was doing social media marketing, but I didn’t find it to be that effective.”

Solution: Martindale-Nolo Pay-Per-Lead Services

About a year ago, he met someone at a lawyers’ function who recommended he consider Martindale-Nolo. They recommended Nghi Thanh Lam consider the pay-per-lead services, as he could scale his efforts to match the number of clients his firm needed.

“I met somebody at a lawyers’ function, and they recommended Nolo. They had some very good things to say.”

Nghi Thanh Lam was impressed by his peer’s positive review of Martindale-Nolo and looked into its legal leads marketing options. He found the pay-per-lead service to be a promising match for his law firm and decided to see what Martindale-Nolo could do for his law firm’s marketing.

Results: Excellent Return on Investment (ROI) With Pay-Per-Lead Legal Marketing

Nghi Thanh Lam knew he could convert roughly one client out of 8 to 15 legal leads. He could estimate how many leads he needed to reach his ideal monthly new client goals using that information.

“It takes me about 8 to 15 leads to convert somebody [into] a client. So it’s not really that much that I have to put in before I actually have a client sign up.”

Nghi Thanh Lam determined his new client goals and began his relationship with Martindale-Nolo approximately one year ago. Since then, his return on investment has been approximately two to three times his investment.

“My ROI has been about two to three times what I’ve invested.”

According to Forbes, a portfolio ROI of 10.5%+ is good. Nghi Thanh Lam’s 200% to 300% ROI would be considered excellent by any standard.

Who does Nghi Thanh Lam recommend Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead services to?

He recommends the pay-per-lead legal service to two types of law firms: new firms and those relying heavily on digital marketing.

“The types of firms that I think would benefit from pay-per-lead are the firms that are really heavy on marketing or the firms that are just starting out.”

So, what does Nghi Thanh Lam appreciate most about Martindale-Nolo’s legal leads?

“It does precisely what he needs it to do. It is highly targeted, and it offers a strong return on investment. It has proven its worth, and he can use it to target the exact number of leads that his law firm requires.I like Nolo because it’s a lot more targeted, and it really paid off, and that’s why I’m still here.”

Martindale-Nolo’s Lead Services: Improve Your Marketing ROI

Martindale-Nolo runs an extensive network of legal websites. Potential clients find well-researched answers to legal queries on the Martindale-Nolo network and complete a law firm intake form to request more information. Martindale-Nolo matches these prospective clients with law firms that can help. These fresh leads are sent directly to the law firm allowing firms to follow up directly with these legal leads. 

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