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Let Martindale-Avvo help you stand out in a crowded legal marketplace, connect with potential clients, and grow the business of your practice with exclusive access to advanced performance tracking and analytics.


Grow your practice with confidence

Our Connect Experience is tailored to your firm’s unique business needs and goals. Explore our full suite of solutions for law firms and attorneys and connect with a Legal Marketing Expert to help put your best firm forward.

  • Highlight Your Presence

    “My business lives by referrals. Together with my reputation, they support my livelihood. So they really matter at my practice.”


    Maximize the value of your online reputation and make a positive first impression with potential clients. With ProVantage, you can effortlessly showcase your expertise across the four most visited online directories.

    Starting at $399/mo. for first user
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  • Streamline Your Practice

    “I want to maintain business as usual. I’ve got a good thing going but I want to make sure I have a work/life balance.”


    Make your online presence work smarter, not harder. Harness the power of your profile and website to secure more clients, more effectively.

    Starting at $399/mo. Pricing varies by volume.
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  • Grow Your Business

    “My firm is my business – and I am looking for ways to take my practice to the next level.”


    It’s your practice – grow with confidence. Expand your online presence and turn more prospects into paying clients. Our comprehensive suite of solutions for law firms and attorneys maximize your firm’s ability to be found, and be chosen.

    Starting at $399/mo. Pricing varies
    by volume.
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  • Dominate the Market

    “Our firm is, or aspires to be, a powerhouse in our market. We are looking for ways to scale and dominate.”


    Put Martindale-Avvo’s scale, scope and experience to work for your firm. Reach more prospects at their point of need to become valued clients with a dedicated marketing team to optimize your marketing dollars and power your business growth like none other.

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