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From tutorial videos to thought-provoking research reports,
Martindale-Avvo Academy fuels your curiosity and expands your professional horizons.
Whether you’re seeking practical skills, insightful analyses, or captivating narratives,
here’s where you can access the tools to grow and sustain the business of your practice.

Onboarding & Tutorials
Onboarding &

New kid on the block? We’ve got you. Here’s where you can find all the how-to’s and tutorials on how to use your account, increase performance, and leverage your digital footprint.

Onboarding & Tutorials
Law Practice

Whether you’re just getting your practice started or an established attorney looking to revamp your reputation, we have content to help you run your business.

Onboarding & Tutorials
Case Studies &

Martindale-Avvo has provided the best legal marketing services out there, but don’t just take our word for it. Our attorneys can back up our worth and value in case studies and quotes.

Onboarding & Tutorials
Research &

Our research studies provide even more value to attorneys, whether you’re checking out our services or pursuing information about the legal industry at large.