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A rich library of resources guide your firm’s growth strategy

Continuous learning underpins every successful legal practice. CLE keeps attorneys apprised of developments in the law. Martindale-Avvo keeps attorneys informed on the best and proven ways to market their firms.

This collection of resources provides primary research, best practices presentations, online events and first-person proof of marketing strategies, tools and practices that work. We invite you to explore to learn new ways you can take your firm’s growth to the next level.

Resource library

  • Martindale-Avvo Blog

    Access timely information about the latest developments in legal marketing. Our blog posts offer news, tips and ideas to help law firms build their online presence.

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  • Research Reports

    This collection of white papers unveils and analyzes ongoing primary research into what works and what doesn’t in legal marketing.

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  • Case Studies

    Understanding how other firms implement our marketing tools to grow their practices provides ideas on ways you can increase your firm’s business too.

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