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Martindale-Avvo provides attorneys with comprehensive legal marketing solutions, including real-time lead generation and intake management, online legal profiles, targeted directory advertising, live chat, and website services. Our integrated solution helps you to dominate Google search results, and gives you the tools to convert prospects into clients.

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Read how Nathan Mubasher converts thousands of visitors to a steady caseload

Attorney Nathan Mubasher has to compete against large law firms every day and that’s not easy, especially because he serves the entire state of California. A website for his firm and referrals just weren’t enough. Using services like profiles, advertising and engagement with clients in Avvo’s Q&A forum allowed Nathan to bring in a steady flow of clients and increase his business.

  • 40% of major clients through Avvo
  • 3-6 new clients through Avvo every month
Read the Nathan Mubasher case study.