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Lead Intake

Get more clients with our scalable, web-based Intake Solution for law firms.

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Lead Intake

Save time, drive higher engagement, and convert the right legal prospects.

Put Captorra on your case to support your Legal Intake Management. A robust solution for consumer law firms who wish to convert prospects more efficiently, effectively, and get a clearer picture of your intake process – start to finish.

Captorra Benefits & Features
Customized Intake Scripts
Whether your firm needs basic forms to manage intake or you require unique legal intake scripts and customization, Captorra manages and supports both. Our platform scales with your firm now and into the future to support your growth.
Convenience & Security
Engage prospects and clients via text (SMS) directly within Captorra and avoid personal information and security issues. Built-in phone and texting functionality, powered by the Twilio platform allows your law firm to quickly and efficiently respond to your leads, making them clients before they go to the competition.
Techni-Logical Integrations
Efficiency is key to managing your legal practice. That’s why Captorra integrates with tools like Microsoft Dynamics® to create greater efficiency and drive better results for your firm’s legal intake process and day-to-day operations.
Captorra is Business Intelligence & Growth in one solution.

Robust metrics and insights compare your historical estimations for case value vs reality to make smarter, data-driven decisions.


Easily track and monitor ROI by cost per lead, cost per sign up, and average attorney fees by campaign and case type.


Real-time and automated reports allow you to see staffing efficiencies including utilization and realization rates.


Law firms see a 27% average increase in new clients and cases after adding Captorra to their legal intake management operations.

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