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Appear everywhere consumers search for attorneys and dominate Google search results with a professional profile on,, and 25 million consumers visit these sites monthly to understand their legal matter and hire an attorney.

  • Appear where consumers go most. Research shows online directory profiles and reviews are used more than any other resource, including Google.
  • Show all practice areas on your profile. 58% of consumers rely on practice area information in selecting an attorney. You control that with a profile.
  • Display and manage your contact information. Ensure accuracy so clients reach you.
  • Get peer endorsements and reviews. Attorneys with reviews are 12 times more likely to be contacted.
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Benefits of our legal profiles

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    Designed to convert

    Your key information grabs consumers’ attention and elicits their clicks.

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    Real-time results

    Prospects’ contacts flow directly to your inbox or mobile device.

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    Complete control

    An attorney portal allows you to manage your data and leads 24/7/365.

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    Increased website value

    Links to your firm website provide additional SEO value.

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Building an online profile

Custom profiles

Take control over your profile so you can display all the information required by prospective clients.  Provide greater detail about your specific experience and successes and add in custom content that captures your key strengths and differentiators. 

To make it even easier for consumers to select you, upgrade your profile to display key contact information and to eliminate competitors from the page. Set yourself up for success when your robust profile displays full-screen for consumers.

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Client and peer reviews

Client and peer reviews and ratings play a critical role for consumers seeking to hire an attorney. Google and other leading search engines also include online reviews as an important factor in their search algorithms. The simple addition of reviews and ratings to your profile increases your online visibility along with the likelihood that prospects will hire you.

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Multi-layered online conversation modules

Reputation Management

Position yourself as a thought leader and influencer by strategically managing your online reviews, social profiles and descriptive content. When you enrich and deepen all three of these tools, you extend the reach of your online profile and attract more prospects.

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Consumer question forums

Showcase your knowledge by answering consumer questions posed on and Your engagement increases your visibility on the top search engines while simultaneously giving you the power to target the ideal  prospects to grow your practice.

Read how one attorney increased intake with Q&A.

Reach Spanish-language clients

Reach one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. with a Spanish-language profile. Hispanic consumers rely on online sources at a higher percentage than the general population. Tap into this growing segment on our site today.

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