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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

See below for our most commonly asked questions.

(If you don’t find it here, our Legal Marketing Experts are ready to help.)

Why do law firms need marketing?

Like every professional service, law firms need to market themselves in order to gain clients, improve their reputation, streamline processes, and join the conversation. We can help on all these matters – just ask a Legal Marketing Expert today to find out what package would be best for you and your firm.

How do you get a high Avvo rating? What is the highest Avvo rating?

Check out the following guides on Avvo ratings:  What is the Avvo Rating? and How can I increase my Avvo Rating?

How do you get a high Martindale-Hubbell rating? What is the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating?

Check out our comprehensive article on Preeminent, Distinguished, and Notable peer reviews as well as Platinum, Gold, and Silver client reviews: Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Peer Ratings and Client Reviews 

Are questions on Avvo and Lawyers.com anonymous?

Yes. Simply click “I would like to remain anonymous” when you submit your questions.

What practice areas and locations do you cover?

We cover 55+ areas of practice across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Can I customize my subscription by practice area and location?

Yes. All our services can be customized by practice area and location in the United States.

Do I need legal answering services for my law firm?

Legal answering services can help you capture more qualified leads 24/7 while taking pressure off your office staff. Legal answering services are a wise investment if you want to boost your firm’s growth.

Do I need live chat for my law firm?

Today, many prospective clients prefer to communicate via chat due to their busy lives and work schedules. A live chat service can help you qualify prospective clients and easily integrate into your current technology.

What chat widgets can I use for my law firm?

Martindale-Avvo’s Ngage legal live chat widget is designed to prioritize law firms’ needs and boost lead acquisition.

Are live chats for law firms confidential?

Live chat software is designed using state-of-the-art security protocols. However, a live chat conversation with an operator is no substitution for attorney-client privilege.

What software is out there for law firms?

Martindale-Avvo offers the robust Captorra Case tool for law firms’ case management needs and lead-intake software to help law firms utilize state-of-the-art technology to improve efficiency, transparency, conversions, and profits.

Are there answering services for client intake?

An outside brand, Intake Conversion Experts, has answering services for mass torts intake. The Martindale-Avvo  Ngage live chat services are specially designed for law firms. These services can cover incoming communication from various platforms.

Are there answering services for mass torts client intake?

Mass torts law firms find services from Intake Conversion Experts are especially valuable due to the high volume of callers.

I’m a mass torts attorney and need intake assistance — how can Martindale-Avvo help?

Martindale-Avvo helps mass torts law firms handle large volumes of communication with their potential leads and current clients. We can support phone calls and electronic communication for your firm.

How does lead generation work?

Our Pay-Per-Lead service, powered by Martindale-Nolo, is customized to your area of practice and location. We connect you directly to customers in your target niche by delivering their details to your email or smartphone. These highly-targeted leads are sent immediately, and you can start and stop the pay per lead program at any time.

Do you offer exclusive or shared leads?

Because your program is customized, your leads will be exclusively tailored to you.

How many leads will become clients?

We vet potential clients – we want to deliver high quality, high return leads that will follow through with their request. Leads that become clients vary per geographic region and area of practice, so we cannot estimate how many leads will become assured clients.

Do I have to pay you a percentage of what I make?

No, never. If you’ve been offered our services with a stipulation that you must pay a percentage of what you make, you might not be dealing with our company. Please contact Customer Care immediately:

How do I get a profile on all your legal directories?

Depending on the service you signed up for, you can have a profile on Nolo.com, Lawyers.com, Avvo.com, and/or Martindale-Hubbell.

Once I sign up, how soon can I start receiving leads?

Lead response time matters, and lead quality is highest when potential clients are looking for you. We help you connect with clients by delivering their details right to your email or smartphone in real time – giving you an edge over the competition.

How do the leads get to me?

Depending on your selection, you can receive leads via email, text messaging, or phone.

Do you offer text messaging for leads?

Yes. You can opt-in to receive text messages.

Do you offer a reimbursement for bad leads?

In terms of “bad leads,” we don’t offer reimbursement because the leads delivered to you will be vetted and actively asking for your information. These are the only leads you pay for; you’re not charged for those who don’t request more info.

How long is my commitment?

Your commitment depends on the contract and agreement you’ve determined upon signing up. For example, many attorneys have annual contracts, but for services such as Pay-Per-Lead, you can quit at any time.

Can I adjust my subscription at any time?

Please contact your account manager or Legal Marketing Expert at any time to discuss your subscription services and products.

Do you offer reporting, metrics, or analytics?

For all our services, we offer analytics and metrics. When you sign up, your Legal Marketing Expert will walk you through what these look like for your specific business and return on investment.