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Convert more web visitors with Live Chat

Live operators engage your website visitors 24/7/365

Ngage Live Chat engages prospects on thousands of business and professional services websites, helping you convert website visitors to qualified leads. We provide human operators specifically trained in the intake conversion process to connect with your prospective clients every day of the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — in English and Spanish. So even when your office is closed, you can still connect with clients when they’re reaching out for you. 

Featured on more than 8,000 websites, Ngage Live Chat has delivered over 5 million leads to clients on our platform. We invite you to make Ngage a part of your business growth strategy.

Get more leads with Live Chat

A few benefits of Live Chat

  • Instant customer connection

    With live transfer and text-to-chat features, you can instantly connect with a potential client.

  • Turnkey CRM integration

    Improve response time and increase efficiency by automatically importing contact details into your firm’s database.

  • Increased conversion rate

    Live chat generates up to 40% more contacts.

  • Better consumer experience

    Live operators greet each visitor to your website, giving your clients personal attention at their convenience.

Chat leads delivered the way you want

Boost your web leads and engage your prospects with Ngage Live Chat

Most websites are static, offering visitors forms to fill out and only converting around 5% of the traffic. Don’t let website visitors leave without giving you the opportunity to reach out to them — with Ngage Live Chat, you can engage visitors from the moment they come onto your site, boosting your prospect conversion rates and, ultimately, your client base. You pay only for the qualified leads you receive. And with Ngage Live Chat, there’s no complex software to learn and no staff you need to hire so you can focus on growing your business.

Grow with live chat service

Enhanced chat features improve your lead conversions

Ngage Live Chat gives you the flexibility to implement live chat in a way that fits your unique needs. We help you connect with qualified prospects better than other chat providers, so you can spend more time doing what you do best. We offer live transfer and text-to-chat features, allowing prospective clients to communicate with you when the time is right.

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Spanish Live Chat 24/7/365

Make your initial contact match your web visitor’s needs  – and with Ngage Live Chat’s Spanish chat, you can do exactly that. We offer live operators trained to engage in open-ended communication in Spanish so we capture the critical data you need to assist your potential clients with their specific situation.

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