Case Management Software

Simplify the running of your firm

Transform your practice as you streamline operations

Manage your practice efficiently and cost-effectively while delivering superior client service with Captorra Case. With the information you need to properly staff, work and bill each matter, you can make informed decisions that increase your bottom line. Firms using Microsoft® Office remain in the Microsoft environment, creating additional efficiencies and reducing the learning curve

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Firmwide Benefits

  • Total transparency

    Understand at a glance the status of each phase of every case.

  • Critical data quickly

    See what the client and the firm receive with a real-time settlement calculator.

  • Never miss a date or deadline

    Automated workflow ensures meetings, filings and appearances take place on time.

  • Take informed action

    Make data-driven management decisions with robust dashboards and reporting.

Practice Management Made Easy

Captorra Case

Eliminate the learning curve

Manage your cases where you already spend your time each day – inside the Microsoft® suite of products. Keep tabs on every document, client detail, and communication effortlessly from within Outlook®, Teams or any Microsoft® application. As you work with already familiar menus, commands and functionality, you not only will require minimal training to get started but you’ll save valuable time and money going forward.

Captorra Case is powered by Microsoft Dynamics®, a robust, secure, customizable technology recognized by Gartner and Forrester as a market leader.

Seamless Integration

Firms using business platforms other than the Microsoft® Office suite connect securely to Captorra Case through an encrypted URL and benefit from the same robust features and functionality. Integration with Gmail, Yahoo and other leading email service providers allows communications, attachments and other updates to flow directly to and from our case management service. Plugging into eSign streamlines the execution of fee agreements, medical release forms, and other agreements. You’re most efficient when you use the tools you’re most comfortable with.

Combine collaboration with case clarity

Your desktop or mobile device becomes command central when you can quickly and effortlessly access every item pertaining to a case. Find all emails, calendar events, parties, billable hours and fees at your fingertips. Automated workflows and checklists for each case take the firm efficiently from sign-up to resolution. Add documents from anywhere and securely share them both internally and externally with a click of a button; access the files directly during calls and internal team chats.

Build your growth strategy based on data-driven decisions

Manage how the firm performs against its goals when you can easily track staff efficiency, including utilization, realization and other key metrics, along with hours billed and fees collected. Calculate your return on investment by cost per lead, cost per sign up, and average attorney fees by campaign and case type to understand your marketing investment. Customizable dashboards deliver the data intelligence you need to determine the correct staffing for each case, how much to charge to make a profit and other key drivers that impact your firm’s growth.