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Case Study: Martindale-Nolo Helps Attorney Harry Steven Ellman in the Digital Age

Harry Steven Ellman is part of Martindale-Nolo’s series of pay-per-lead case studies based on a short interview.

Law Firm: Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman

The Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, about half an hour northwest of Detroit, Michigan. Attorney Harry Steven Ellman focuses on providing legal counsel for situations involving business, civil, real estate, and estate law. 

“I founded the Law Offices of Harry Steven Ellman back in 2006 when I got out of the title insurance industry and reinvented my law practice, taking advantage of the internet.”

“How do you get back into practice and also, how to leverage the internet?”

When Harry Steven Ellman started his law firm in 2006, he had been out of legal practice for 20 years. He no longer had his original client base to draw from, which was a significant hurdle, so he began to investigate solutions. Beyond his website and social media, he realized that the internet could be a game-changer for gaining clients for his small law firm. He wanted to harness its power but was unsure how.


While searching for a solution to his law firm’s issue acquiring promising legal leads, Harry Steven Ellman discovered Martindale-Nolo and their pay-per-lead services.

“Nolo, in particular, was a great way to engage myself back in the practice of law without having a client base.”

He signed up with Martindale-Nolo in 2015 and started using the pay-per-leads services, providing him with phone numbers and emails of promising potential clients. He soon discovered the most efficient way to turn these leads into clients. “Most of the time when you call people… you’re not going to get somebody on that first call… I’ll email them with my contact information, and they will pick up the phone and call me,” he says.


“Nolo was a good fit.”

Ellman’s approach has delivered excellent results, keeping him as busy as he desires. He has even found that Nolo’s leads have grown into a self-replenishing client base over the past eight years. He credits the pay-per-lead services as helping him develop a significant portion of his practice: “I’m getting to a point where some of the people that I have provided legal services to on Nolo have referred… friends and family to me. So it’s not necessarily a one-shot deal.”

This eventual self-propagation of leads makes Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead service even more attractive to small law firms and solo practitioners.

Pay-Per-Lead Services With Martindale-Nolo

Martindale-Nolo manages a vast legal network made up of extensive websites. When a client encounters a legal issue, they run an online search to find a solution. They find well-researched legal information on our sites and complete a law firm intake form requesting more information from a legal professional in their area.

We take these intakes and match you with the appropriate clients who fit your legal focus and location parameters. We send these fresh leads to your firm, and you follow up with your potential client.

Let’s connect to learn more about generating legal leads with Martindale-Nolo.

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