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Ask Attorney Jennifer B.: Why Clients Need You

In this day and age, are lawyers even needed? What is our worth to clients? The answer is obvious, clients need us because we provide an invaluable service. We solve legal issues, navigate the judicial system, advocate the client’s position, counsel them, advise them and problem-solve. Despite this, lawyers often get a bad rap. People want to avoid us. We are called sharks, we are the punchline of jokes, and whatever we charge is too much. We are the last resort.

When we provide such a worthwhile service to so many, why are we so looked down upon?  Some of this is due to the circumstances where we are most needed. As problem solvers, our services are requested when there are problems and usually not for something positive. As such, we feel like an unnecessary and unwanted expense. We can change this narrative by emphasizing the results we hope to achieve to improve a client’s situation rather than add to their distress. 

Another way in which we can show clients that we are necessary and impactful is to truly act as counselors. Clients come to us looking for direction. Spending time really listening to their issues and giving thoughtful guidance makes us a wise investment rather than a financial drain. We need to show client’s that our advice can actually save them time and money and oftentimes prevent future issues.  While lawyers are by no means fortune tellers, we are trained to think through all possible outcomes, consider the same, and guide the client on what we believe to be the path that will lead to the best result.

We are trained advocates. We provide the voice needed to further the client’s cause. Moreover, because we are not emotionally invested in the client’s situation, we can advocate strongly, clearly, and concisely. Doesn’t everyone appreciate someone who will be on their side and fight for their rights? Being a strong voice to argue a client’s position is sometimes what is needed to turn a bad situation into a positive result.

The legal system is not necessarily user-friendly, and anyone who has tried to navigate it without an attorney will have a much greater appreciation for the service we provide. Understanding the nuances of the law and court procedure can be used to further the client’s case and bring them to a resolution more quickly and effectively than if they chose to represent themselves.

Logically understanding why we are needed is evident for most. Demonstrating our value is more challenging. This is why it is up to us to promote all the positive reasons for clients to hire us and to work tirelessly to prove our worth in each and every matter we handle.

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