Jennifer Brandt

Jennifer A. Brandt, of Cozen O'Connor's Family Law practice, has represented a wide variety of clients in hundreds of family law cases throughout her career. Jennifer is a regular legal commentator on national and local television outlets such as CNN, Fox New Network, HLN, MSNBC, Fox29, ABC News, NBC and CBS and frequently writes and contributes to articles in numerous publications, including the Huffington Post, Fox Business.com, The PhiIly Post, Avvo.com, Allparenting.com, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Business Journal, the National Law Journal, and Main Line Today magazine.

Recent Articles

Developing Meaningful Client Relationships

The lawyer-client relationship typically develops out of a need.  The client has a problem, and the lawyer is tasked with solving it.  When starting this relationship, there is a certain amount of unease and perhaps even a lack of trust like any endeavor into the unknown.  The client may be concerned, for example, that the…Read More

Your Marketing Plan Worked. Now What?

There is no shortage of posts and articles about business development for lawyers. However, what is not frequently discussed is what happens after a marketing initiative becomes successful. Potential clients start to call and email looking for representation. At this point, the lawyer cannot simply sit back and assume these new leads will magically result…Read More

3 times responsiveness brought value to my practice

Despite all the education and experience we attain and apply to generating new business for our practice, there’s an aspect of business development that we frequently overlook – client responsiveness. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your practice. In fact, Clio’s 2017 Legal Trends Report found that “responding quickly to…Read More

Ethics of using support staff in your firm

As our law practices grow and develop, we all learn the importance of utilizing support staff to increase efficiency and appropriately leverage our billing. It does not make financial sense for all work to be billed at the lawyer’s rate, especially for the more ministerial tasks. Clients are happy to pay less for a paralegal…Read More

Betting on your brand: 3 tips to get started

In law school, we are taught all the fundamentals. Most importantly, law school instills in us techniques for thinking like a lawyer. What we do not learn in law school is the business side of the law. No one talks about obtaining and retaining clients. Yet, when we start practicing law, we quickly realize that…Read More

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