Jennifer Brandt

Jennifer A. Brandt, of Cozen O’Connor’s Family Law practice, has represented a wide variety of clients in hundreds of family law cases throughout her career. Jennifer is a regular legal commentator on national and local television outlets such as CNN, Fox New Network, HLN, MSNBC, Fox29, ABC News, NBC and CBS and frequently writes and contributes to articles in numerous publications, including the Huffington Post, Fox, The PhiIly Post,,, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Business Journal, the National Law Journal, and Main Line Today magazine.

Recent Articles

Keeping Clients Up to Date

Most clients have the desire to participate in the critical decision making necessary to resolve their case, and they should do so. To accomplish this, they need to understand what is happening. As their attorney, you have an obligation to communicate with your clients.  Often unintentionally, once hired, some attorneys do not always prioritize client…Read More

Everybody Wants a Piece of your Spare Time: How to Choose Where to Spend It

Working as a lawyer takes a lot of time and dedication.  Yet, so many of us, despite our heavy workload, understand the importance of becoming involved in our community, charitable organizations, professional organizations, etc.  This involvement provides many benefits such as social connections, networking opportunities, and professional development.  Nonetheless, there are only so many hours…Read More

Securing The Value of Your Life’s Work

Most of us are so busy developing our legal practices that we don’t even have time to rest, much less think about succession planning.  When starting out, it is essential to focus on business development and growth while doing excellent legal work to build our reputation.  However, time goes by quickly, and before we know…Read More

Putting Work/Life Balance Back Into Your World

Achieving work/life balance is a popular topic discussed in numerous articles and blog posts.  In reality, however, it seems to be an unattainable goal especially in the legal profession where it has become an expectation (like in our world as a whole), that lawyers are available 24/7 to handle whatever issues may arise. In fact,…Read More

Developing Meaningful Client Relationships

The lawyer-client relationship typically develops out of a need.  The client has a problem, and the lawyer is tasked with solving it.  When starting this relationship, there is a certain amount of unease and perhaps even a lack of trust like any endeavor into the unknown.  The client may be concerned, for example, that the…Read More

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