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How to Write a Good Attorney Profile Page

Attorney Profile Page

To a promising new client, a strong first impression is everything. How potential clients see you and your law firm at first glance determines whether they make an effort to get in touch—or whether they lose interest and take their search somewhere else.

Your attorney profile page serves as your digital first impression, giving prospective clients a better feel for who you are, how you operate, and the results you’re capable of delivering. Knowing how to create an excellent attorney profile page will help you make the most of this opportunity.

What to Include on Your Attorney Profile Page

A thorough attorney profile includes a variety of important elements. From experience to professional philosophy to photography, each area plays an equally vital role. The following are a few of the most important categories worth covering as you flesh out your attorney profile:

Personal information

The instant a prospective client clicks onto your profile, they should feel as if they know who you are, what you stand for, and what they can expect if they visit your law firm in person. This all begins with the personal information you include: your name, phone number, and practice location. This basic information is the most critical—you can’t gain clients if they can’t reach you.


The cliché about a picture being worth a thousand words applies even in law; no matter how many credentials you list, you’ll struggle to establish a true sense of trust if you fail to display a professional, up-to-date photo. It should go without saying that selfies and casual pictures are off-limits; a professional headshot is worth every penny.


Experience matters. Clients generally tend to gravitate toward lawyers who boast years of success in their respective niches. That being said, many are willing to work with those who lack decades of experience—they simply need to feel confident that their attorneys are capable of delivering desirable results. This ability can be demonstrated not only by highlighting past professional endeavors, but also with academic credentials, association memberships, and other relevant pursuits.

By the time they’ve finished examining your profile, potential clients should understand:

  • Where you received your undergrad—and where you attended law school
  • Which law firms you’ve worked for and in what capacity: as a clerk, associate attorney, or partner
  • Whether you’ve served in roles that expand your understanding of the industry—for example, criminal law clients appreciate the perspective of attorneys who have worked in prosecution, while real estate clients may take interest in working with former realtors
  • Your case history, including when and how you achieved notable legal victories


Your profile page should go beyond a typical resume or LinkedIn account. Prospective clients care about your experience, of course, but they also want to know whether your values align with theirs. Ideally, the values you display will also align with your core branding; the goal is to demonstrate a clear and uniform message across all mediums.

When determining how to convey your values on your attorney page, consider your firm’s primary purpose. Do you strive to deliver justice to those harmed by negligence? Or do you aim to provide peace of mind by way of estate planning? This purpose—and the values that lie beneath it—should be evident as soon as prospective clients scan your attorney profile.


Make sure your profile contains many and recent client reviews.  Reviews have become a critical component in consumer decision making and attorneys without any will be at a great disadvantage.


Are you published in any notable law journals? Did you score a newspaper headline when you won your latest award? Did your YouTube marketing effort go viral? Show rather than tell. Don’t hesitate to include media examples of your success. These serve as valuable social proof, clearly demonstrating the respect you already command in your community.

Your attorney profile can serve as a powerful marketing tool, offering a notable edge in today’s competitive legal industry. A thorough attorney profile page will ultimately pay dividends for your brand and your bottom line. This is your opportunity to get clients on your side—don’t waste it.

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