Stephanie Lica

Boasting over five years of experience in legal content marketing, Stephanie enjoys breaking down complex subject matter to foster greater understanding among clients and prospects. In addition to writing ebooks, press releases, and blog posts for a variety of small, midsize, and national law firms, she’s worked extensively in marketing. Currently, she is involved with a Minneapolis-based experiential and event marketing firm. She is passionate about helping law firms build stronger brands and attract quality leads.

Recent Articles

Ethics for Attorneys in the Age of Social Media

Social media has transformed every aspect of the modern legal landscape. Previously reliant on word of mouth, clients now follow lawyers on Facebook, seek background information on LinkedIn, and watch law firm videos on YouTube. An increasing share of today’s lawyers dedicate significant effort to top social media platforms where they can build brand awareness…Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Reviews

In today’s review-oriented world, social proof plays a key role in virtually every purchase we make or service we seek. Results from one notable study by BrightLocal suggested that the average customer needs to read at least 10 reviews before they trust a business. Many refuse to even consider patronizing businesses that lack reviews, revealing…Read More

Why You Should Be Using Legal Intake Software

Even if you’re already using software to handle case management.  There’s a lot to love about case management software. These systems streamline a variety of client interactions while also making it easier to maintain efficient workflows. Unfortunately, it’s not suited for all law firm functions. Effective legal intake calls for specialized programs that are designed…Read More

The Ethical Considerations of Legal Referrals

Referral marketing allows law firms to produce a steady stream of new clients at a minimal cost. Scoring occasional referrals from close professional connections or satisfied clients is one thing, but actively seeking them out is different. Attorneys unfamiliar with this approach sometimes worry about the ethical implications, particularly for referral protocol that involves financial…Read More

How to Ask for Referrals

Referrals can serve as a wonderful source of qualified leads for your law firm.  In an age of digital marketing, many attorneys ace social media, yet struggle to build the strong and lasting connections needed to create a steady stream of referrals. Far too many regard referrals as “just happening,” rather than as the end…Read More

Does Your Intake Department Look Like This?

We get it: intake is difficult. Opportunities for mistakes abound, even among today’s most successful law firms. Unfortunately, seemingly small errors can prove damaging down the road, leading to fewer conversions and general dissatisfaction, even among those who ultimately choose to work with your law firm. Your current intake process may be in shambles, but…Read More

How to Create a Revenue Stream With Referrals

Casework may form the bulk of your law firm’s revenue, but it’s by no means your only opportunity for producing a profit. In addition to earning via billable hours and contingency fees, you can capture additional revenue by taking advantage of an existing, and sometimes underutilized resource: referrals. If you’ve yet to make a dedicated…Read More

Top Lead Intake Terms to Know

The intake process forms a core component of your legal marketing efforts. Unfortunately, it’s also a source of lost opportunity for lawyers, many of whom lack a fundamental awareness of key intake processes. Ready to level up your law firm’s approach to intake? Begin by mastering these critical terms. Case Management Software Not to be…Read More

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