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Stephanie Lica

With over a decade of experience in developing web content for a variety of enterprises, Stephanie Lica aims to provide informative, yet interesting pieces that break down complex topics in a way that readers can understand and enjoy. In addition to writing ebooks, press releases, and blog posts for a variety of small, midsize, and national law firms, she’s worked extensively in marketing. She is passionate about helping law firms build stronger brands and attract quality leads.

Recent Articles

How to Define a Law Firm’s Unique Selling Point

According to the American Bar Association’s annual Profile of the Legal Profession, the legal field has experienced consistent and sustained growth through the years, with over 1.3 million active lawyers in the United States as of 2020. ‌ With more attorneys than ever competing for business, it’s essential that you set yourself apart from the competition….Read More

6 Approaches for Effective Disability Attorney Marketing

Every legal niche calls for its own unique marketing approach. Nowhere is this more evident than in disability attorney marketing.  Strategies that pay dividends for criminal defense or personal injury attorneys often fall short in disability law, which calls for targeted, empathetic service, as well as a streamlined system for handling a high volume of…Read More

How to Market Your Immigration Law Firm During COVID-19

It’s impossible to deny the impact of the pandemic on the legal industry. While lawyers have long persevered through difficult circumstances, COVID-19 delivers a whole new bundle of concerns. The initial lockdown put in-person consultations on hold while bringing additional confusion to already complex legal processes. After the economy opened up, clients were less willing…Read More

SEM Trends You Need to Know for 2021

Following a turbulent year, search engine marketing looks little like it did just a few months ago. Perhaps most notably, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed every aspect of user behavior. Additionally, top search engines released new tools emphasizing search intent, automation, and machine learning.  These and other shifts suggest that the already rapid pace of SEM…Read More

What Makes Criminal Defense Attorney Marketing So Difficult?

Every legal practice area holds its fair share of marketing challenges, but criminal defense attorneys find it uniquely difficult to attract and retain clients. From building brand awareness to producing conversions, every element of criminal defense attorney marketing sees complications above and beyond those associated with other niches. Despite all this, it’s possible to connect…Read More

What Matters More: Your Website or Attorney Profile?

From attorney profiles to law firm websites, and even social media, it’s easy to feel stretched thin by the digital marketing demands of today’s legal industry. In an effort to streamline marketing campaigns, some attorneys prefer to focus primarily on specific aspects of their online presence—often to the detriment of others.  Some attorneys may opt…Read More

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