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How Attorneys Spend Their Free Time

Work-life balance is critical to both personal health and happiness, and yet, for many Americans, it feels out of reach. Lawyers, in particular, lead jam-packed professional lives. In addition to client meetings, they dedicate dozens of hours each week to administrative tasks and business development. Martindale-Avvo’s 2019 Attorney Compensation Survey Report reveals that, although most…Read More

Active Listening During the Intake Process

When selecting an attorney, clients search not only for niche experience, but also for empathy. They want to know that their attorney cares and is willing to fight for their best interests. Attorneys can best meet these needs through active listening, which can set clients at ease during the intake process. While it may initially…Read More

Legal Marketing Myths: Online Leads Are Low Quality

Referrals provide a steady stream of business for many law firms, with attorneys appreciating the word of former clients and fellow legal professionals. But while the traditional referral still holds plenty of value in the legal industry, it alone should not form the basis of your business. A lack of digital marketing and lead management…Read More

Reaching Prospects: Top Legal Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is evolving quickly; approaches that paid dividends just a few years ago are no longer as effective. If you’re looking to build a loyal client base in 2019, you’ll need to craft a sophisticated and seamless strategy that keeps prospects at the center. Integrate the following legal marketing trends to gain an edge…Read More

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