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How Lawyers Can Stand Out on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

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Social media is a vital part of the modern digital marketing landscape, and yet, for many law firms, the most influential platforms remain an afterthought. For years, lawyers simply assumed that social media was beneath the legal profession, which, as far as they were concerned, should hold higher aspirations rather than settling for casual content.

Lately, the discourse has shifted, with social media feeling far less like a question of should, and rather, becoming a matter of how. Most law firms have some type of a presence online, largely dominated by LinkedIn. Still, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are starting to be taken more seriously.

Some of this shift was prompted by the pandemic, which forced lawyers to seek new forms of connection in lieu of traditional face-to-face interactions. Since then, however, many have realized that, by seeking a presence on multiple platforms, they can appeal to different types of clients and build stronger relationships than might be possible through LinkedIn or email marketing alone. 

Now, the question remains: how can lawyers stand out on social media, especially as even the most unconventional platforms grow more competitive? There’s no guaranteed recipe for success — but a compelling voice, creative content, and a genuine desire to help can take lawyers far as they navigate the complex world of social media. Keep reading to learn the secrets to a strong social media presence.

Why Social Media?

Before your law firm can make its mark on social media, you need to understand why it’s so important and what you intend to accomplish through this unique marketing channel.

If you’re like many lawyers, you’ll be most enticed by the opportunity to build an authentic connection with both current and future clients. Beyond this, however, social media can be valuable for establishing your practice as an industry authority or even for boosting your paid marketing efforts. 

Early on, identify your specific objectives for establishing a social media presence. These will help you determine which platforms are best suited to your unique needs and which types of content your target audience will find most compelling. 

Top Social Media Platforms for Law Firms

Now that you have a basic idea of what you want to accomplish on social media, it’s time to make your mark on your platform of choice. No one approach is ideal for every law firm, but the following sites may be worth adding to your social media lineup:


LinkedIn clearly leads the legal social media sphere, but Facebook is a close runner-up. In the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) 2022 TechReport, 62% of respondents mentioned a professional presence on Facebook, compared to 38% on Twitter and just 17% on Instagram. 

Facebook provides a nice middle ground between the formality of LinkedIn and the casual feel of TikTok. With a greater share of lawyers present on this site, however, it now takes a more targeted approach to reach prospective clients. 

Many lawyers rely on Facebook ads, which make it easy to craft campaigns around specific objectives and even select the audiences that are most likely to respond favorably. Targeting efforts take not only user demographics into account but also location. 

In addition to paid solutions, prospective clients can be reached with live videos and stories, both of which can dramatically improve engagement. No matter the preferred method, messaging should be consistent with other digital outreach, such as email marketing, blog posts, and landing pages. 


Instagram thrives on aspirational fashion, hospitality, and fitness images — so, at first glance, it might not seem like the ideal platform for today’s law firms. Based on this perception, it’s easy to see why less than one in five lawyers use the site for professional purposes. It’s also largely neglected in lawyers’ personal lives, with a mere 36% of ABA respondents claiming to use Instagram for leisure. 

These reluctant lawyers are definitely missing out. Instagram’s aspirational vibes make it wonderfully suited to content representing many practice areas, such as real estate or commercial law. Other attorneys have surprised skeptics by amassing a following as they share decidedly unique insights on criminal law, personal injury, and even estate planning.

With Instagram, more than any other platform, the goal should be to establish a compelling aesthetic that captures the essence of your brand. The McKinney Law Group clearly hits the mark, with impossible-to-miss black-and-white imagery that stands out when scrolling.

Instagram is also where the budding concept of legal influencer excels: an attorney who draws on a wealth of legal knowledge to provide intriguing insights into all kinds of issues, including current events, pop culture, and more. This is part of attorney Ben Crump’s recipe for success; as a trial lawyer, he emphasizes high-stakes concerns that will get followers talking. 


An increasingly viable option for building rapport with potential clients, TikTok is notoriously popular among Gen Z, and therefore, the ideal choice for catering to a younger clientele. This is where you can let the quirkier side of your law firm shine with short-form videos that introduce viewers to a variety of topics. 

The promise of TikTok as a marketing channel can best be seen in the proliferation of #LawTok, which highlights some of the more memorable aspects of the legal industry. As with Instagram, legal influencers make their mark by selecting their niche carefully — and crafting content that both educates and entertains their followers. 

Keep in mind that TikTok is an extremely trend-centric platform — even compared to fast-moving sites such as Twitter and Instagram. The most successful legal influencers capitalize on trending stories and concepts by providing highly targeted commentary that followers would struggle to find elsewhere. A little humor can make a world of difference, so don’t shy away from lighthearted quips that you might avoid on other platforms.

Legaltechbro Alex Su makes the case for creating a goofy, even theatrical TikTok presence. Lawyer Kelly also captures this vibe perfectly, offering a blend of timely and humorous content that followers find downright binge-worthy. 

Making the Most of Social Media

Social media represents a major area of opportunity for today’s law firms, which can benefit greatly from moving beyond LinkedIn and exploring seemingly casual sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. With a little creativity and a lot of passion, you can forge stronger connections with your leads as you build a loyal following that translates to impressive conversions. 

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