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Playbook: Digital Marketing for Law Firms

The importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy for your practice.

Digital marketing and finding clients where they are – online –  is critical, especially for small and medium-sized law firms. If you don’t have the time or headcount, it can be a challenge to produce any results that can affect your business. For this reason, we think establishing a digital marketing plan that attracts potential clients helps outpace much of your competition and increase profits passively. 

So, want to know what to do to increase client count, maintain the health of your business, and distinguish your law firm from others? Our friend and legal marketing expert, Meranda Vieyra, wrote a series exclusively for Martindale-Avvo that packages all her knowledge and experience into six easily digestible blogs that can help sketch out what your most important tools are, and when to expect results.

This series is a playbook on the how-to’s of marketing your firm, so you can get back to doing what you do best… practicing law.

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