Month: July 2020

Client Referrals on LinkedIn

7 Ways to Get Better Client Referrals on LinkedIn

Try these advanced strategies for attorney lead generation and management  In today’s digital world, online networking tools are becoming increasingly vital to all professionals – including lawyers. Attorneys can particularly benefit from using online networks to build client bases, generate leads, and develop a contact database.  LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networking…Read More

Virtual Assistants for Law Firms

Virtual Assistants for Law Firms

The Benefits and Drawbacks Being an attorney often means working long hours on legal research and writing and reviewing documents for clients. Grueling demands from partners and clients mean a lawyer is often juggling expectations. For a small law firm or solo practitioner, adding in the management of the firm and day-to-day clerical tasks can…Read More


Videoconferencing: How to Maintain Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Though privacy concerns have always been paramount within the legal profession, new concerns have arisen as more attorneys than ever are meeting virtually with clients over online video conferencing systems. Whether you’re new to this technology or have been using it for years, it is critical to address concerns about confidentiality and cybersecurity. The American…Read More