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Avvo Protest Injustice Resources Page


Quality legal support is more important than ever. As protests persist across the country, individuals have been subjected to unlawful detention, use of excessive force, and physical harm. Many protestors are unaware of their rights and avenues of recourse, such as the right to pro bono legal services, if they are mistreated during a protest. 

Avvo is seeking to provide legal consumers with the answers and resources necessary related to protesting. In response to recent protests and civil unrest, Avvo has developed a resource page, Protest Injustice, with guidance on protestors’ rights. This page helps legal consumers through the following ways: 

Featured Articles

Legal consumers can find in-depth articles from legal professionals on topics related to protesting. This includes topics like criminal charges that can occur as a result, the legality of curfew times, and a general overview of protestors’ rights. 

Legal Guides 

Attorneys can provide advice and recommendations through legal guides. These guides address common and important questions consumers may have. They highlight situations such as what to do during a peaceful protest or how to deal with excessive use of force. Visit the page to see even more and get informed.

Pro Bono Representation 

Another way Avvo is helping legal consumers is by providing an online place where attorneys across the country willing to help pro bono can be listed as a resource to you. These attorneys have expressed their interest in donating their time, expertise, and resources to protestors facing legal action as a result of protesting. 

If you’re interested in learning more or want to be added to the list, visit the pro bono page

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