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Webinar: Top 10 Lead Conversion Secrets for Attorneys

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The process of turning a lead into a client can be difficult. In our March 25th webinar, we spoke with founder and owner of Disparti Law Group, Larry Disparti, the vice president of business development at Captorra, Denny Newberry, and the president of Ngage Live Chat, Mark Shepard about the top ten secrets that increase your chances of turning a lead into a client. 

Secret #1: Ask for Reviews

Attorney Larry Disparti discussed the importance of client reviews and how they relate to your success in converting leads. When potential clients are looking to hire an attorney, reviews from other clients are not taken lightly. Additionally, Google favors reviews heavily, which can give your firm better search result placement and increased visibility online.

Secret #2: Have an In-Depth Q&A Section

It is important to have a section of your website dedicated to answering client’s questions without a sales pitch attached to it. Mark Shepard mentions that creating a Q&A section on your site allows you to provide helpful information, which puts you in a position to become their go-to source for additional information.

Secret #3: Include Multiple Contact Options

The more contact options you provide your website visitors, the greater your chances of converting them into a client. Whether it’s a phone number, live chat, or an online form, the more options you provide throughout your site the better. 

Secret #4: Be Available

While it may not be possible to be available 24/7, having a flexible schedule could be crucial to increasing your conversion rate. If it’s between calling a lead back after hours on a Friday and waiting until Monday, call them on Friday.

Secret #5: Follow up Immediately

Closely related to secret number four, is timing —how soon is too soon and how late is too late to follow up? Denny Newberry aims to answer this question by citing a study done by MIT  which states that your chances of converting a lead into a client increases by 500% if you call within one minute after receiving their information. Since that timeline is incredibly tight and not always doable, Newberry says that the “gold standard” should be to reach out within five minutes.

Secret #6: Make Multiple Attempts

At first if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Denny Newberry mentioned data that showed  that “48% of consumers are reached on the first attempt,” but that number increases to “93% by the sixth attempt.”

Secret #7: Hire Effective Intake Staff

As an attorney, you’re likely juggling many things at once and may not necessarily have the time that’s needed to dedicate to the intake process. With the right intake staff, you can delegate their efforts to bring in new business and be confident that they have the time to reach out to prospective clients.

Secret #8: Arm Your Intake Staff

It isn’t enough just to have intake staff, you must also provide them with the proper tools and knowledge needed to benefit your business. With case intake software, such as Captorra, available, it’s possible to create an intake team that can work autonomously and streamline the process of bringing in new clients.

Secret #9: Sign Clients On the First Call

While a potential client won’t always be ready to sign with you immediately, some will come prepared and ready to move forward. It’s important to have your process smooth enough and simple enough that you can reasonably get clients who are ready to take the next step to sign with you during the first call.

Secret #10: Texting

“A lot of your potential clients are not in the business setting like we are,” Newberry stated during the webinar. This means that texting is a much quicker way to talk to people than email, or even phone calls. If your firm hasn’t already, consider texting as a way of reaching out to potential clients.

To hear the full webinar about the secrets to lead conversion, click the link below.


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