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The Four Buying Habits Series: The Spontaneous Buyer

When making a purchase or seeking a professional service, individuals can be reliably categorized into one of four groups that describe their “buying habits.” These buying habits dictate the way in which the person makes decisions (logically or emotionally) and the speed at which they commit to a major purchase that will impact their lives. The four buying habits are: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic. In order to use language that will resonate with each group, it is important to note the major factors that these buyers often consider when choosing an attorney. The ultimate goal is to make sure your website and marketing materials speak equally to all four buying habits in order to maximize conversions.

The spontaneous buyer is impulsive by nature and makes decisions based on emotion. That means they will often make a quick decision when hiring an attorney. They are very different from competitive buyers—who will wait until they find the “best” option in the market—because spontaneous buyers will instead select the fastest and most convenient option available.

In order to speak to this buyer, you should prominently display your contact information. Keep in mind, this buyer is often concerned about convenience. If the buyer cannot easily find your phone number or navigate your site to find the contact form, they may lose patience and leave to find an easier option.

    • Make sure your phone number shows up immediately (and is large enough to stand out).
    • Keep your contact forms simple and try to avoid making visitors fill out a lengthy “questionnaire” of answers before submitting.
    • If you have options like text messaging or live chat, these buyers often respond positively to being able to immediately have contact with someone who will discuss their case.

Live chat in particular can be a very effective method of capturing the spontaneous buyer. By giving them immediate access to someone who they can share their case details with, you can greatly increase your ability to connect with the spontaneous individual and demonstrate that you are ready and willing to discuss assisting them. Live-transfer, in which the chat visitor is given the option to be transferred to a phone operator, is also a valuable tool in converting this particular buyer into a client. Many of these individuals are anxious to move forward with the process, so giving them options to escalate their communication to the next level is extremely important.

One very important thing to note when trying to reach the spontaneous buyer is the presentation and setup of your mobile site. Buyers in this group are the most likely to be searching for legal services on their mobile phones, and ensuring their mobile experience is optimized for quick contact with the firm is essential. Make sure your phone number is clickable so they can immediately hit the button and call the firm. Also, make sure all other features, such as texting and chatting, are enabled.

Reaching the spontaneous buyer requires attention to the immediate details and proper preparation to handle an emotional buyer. They are often quick to make a decision and go with it, so it is best to provide as many contact options as possible and make sure they are well presented. This buyer wants you to make it easy for them. By doing so, you may be able to convert them from a visitor to a client quickly. 

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