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The Four Buying Habits Series: The Competitive Buyer

The Competitive Buyer

Current studies of the buying habits of individuals, whether in brick-and-mortar stores or online, reveal that most individuals fall into one of four main categories: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic. Upon closer inspection of the four buying habits, you will identify certain characteristics that will allow you to increase client contacts and drive calls, live chats, or form submissions on your website. You will notice that buyers in certain categories make decisions logically or emotionally, and are either quick or slow to engage with you. It is important to recognize these buying habits and tailor your marketing approach to make sure you meet the specific needs of all four groups to maximize client-conversion.

The competitive buyer, is logical in their decision-making process, but will make decisions quickly once they have found what they are looking for. Competitive buyers are usually interested in “the best” and are not typically as price-conscious as other consumers as a result. When this buyer looks for professional legal services, they’ll prioritize the best, most qualified provider and make their decision according to the factors that differentiate the “winner” from the rest.

How do you speak to this buyer? One major way is to promote anything that separates you from your competition. Do you have special skills or a particular focus that is unique in your market? This qualifier might speak volumes to the competitive buyer who is looking for what differentiates you from others who are vying for business.

In addition, the competitive buyer is more likely to pay attention to awards, accolades, and other signifiers of accomplishment. In order to reach this buyer, you should prominently feature any badges or logos on your website’s homepage, as well as any social media or directory profiles you may have. This approach is also where reviews from your peers and previous clients become extremely valuable. Including positive reviews of your knowledge, abilities, and customer service can be a huge help in closing this type of buyer.

Results are another important point of difference. If you have large verdicts or settlements, the competitive buyer will see these and make a mental note of your victories if they are prominently displayed. While various Bar Associations have different rules and regulations about displaying results on your website, these are important items to feature in order to gain the attention of the competitive buyer.

Finally, if you have media appearances or profile features, or if your writing has been published in a major publication, promote this information on your site as well. Again, the competitive buyer is looking to see that you are a trusted and accomplished attorney in your field, and media features are an easily recognizable signal. Additionally, appearances on the news or in the paper show this buyer that you are knowledgeable about legal matters and are the “go-to” person for an opinion or viewpoint on the law.

Remember, this buyer typically makes decisions quickly, so it is important not to bury this information at the bottom of the page or on sub-pages and instead make sure you send the signal that you are the most qualified option in your particular market. While awards and accolades may not be important to you, they are important to certain buyers, like the competitive buyer, and can increase the likelihood of them hiring you versus your competition.

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