When marketing your law firm, it is essential to consider the decision-making process people engage in when it comes to hiring an attorney. People typically demonstrate four main buying habits when making a purchase or hiring a professional service provider. By identifying those patterns and tailoring your marketing efforts toward them, you can make sure you are not alienating a segment of the market. The four main buying habits are: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic, and each group has a set of very specific traits that are easily identifiable.  If your website and marketing materials speak to each of the four groups, you have a greater chance of making a convincing case that you are the right option for them. 

The last buyer in our series, the humanistic buyer makes decisions based on emotion rather than logic, but should not to be confused with a spontaneous buyer who may be impulsive or in a rush. Instead, the humanistic buyer is seeking a connection to the attorney or the firm, and this buyer will decide to contact you if they feel you are the right “fit” for them on a personal level. Attorneys and marketers often overlook this group of buyers in legal marketing because legal websites tend to sacrifice the “human touches” in order to display professionalism, strength, and results.  

The humanistic buyer is often not interested in million dollar verdicts or awards and accolades. Rather, they want to know who you are as a person and seek reassurance that you are genuinely interested in helping them. Pictures, videos, and non-legal signals, such as your hobbies or involvement in the community, will often reassure this buyer. 

Photography is an essential element when gaining the attention of the humanistic buyer. If you can feature a few photos with some warmth and a personable touch, the humanistic buyer may be able to connect with you. Instead of tough posturing on the courthouse steps, a few photos in your office with your tie loosened and a smile on your face may be a more effective way to capture this buyer. Some effective photos have artfully shown kids or grandkids visiting the attorney’s office or have shown members of the firm at community events. 

Involvement in the community can also speak to the humanistic buyer, who is again searching for an emotional connection with you and your firm. Providing scholarships, participating in mock trials, or sponsoring community events are all effective ways to reach this buyer.  Sometimes, simply giving them a clue into your life outside of the office is enough. Many attorneys discuss passion projects or interests on their bio pages, including, for example, tidbits about their love of cycling or participation in local marathons. A mention of your family and your life outside of the firm can go a long way in convincing the humanistic buyer that you are just like them and are willing to help them with their case.