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Introducing Martindale-Nolo’s New & Enhanced Law Firm Lead Generation Service with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Martindale-Nolo’s adoption of AI and improvements to identity validation and lead screening is a game-changer.”

— Jyoti Suhag, Director of Product at Martindale-Nolo

Martindale-Nolo, the leading Pay-Per-Lead provider for law firms and part of the Martindale-Avvo Legal Marketing Network, today announced new AI-powered enhancements that improve lead generation quality, delivery and effectiveness for attorneys and law firms.

Investing in the future

Martindale-Nolo is heavily investing in AI to continue to deliver the highest quality leads possible. This evolving technology interacts with prospective clients using questions and prompts to extract detailed case information and deliver even richer, more targeted leads to attorneys.

These AI enhancements also refine and quicken the attorney-search process for consumers, marking a new, mutually beneficial milestone in legal marketing efficiency.

Improved lead quality with deeper data insights

In addition to the adoption of AI, the company has expanded the data metrics it collects about each lead generated to help drive higher quality leads and enhanced lead filtering. These new insights include:

  • Amount of time a prospective client spends completing a form
  • Time lapse between when a consumer submits a lead and when it is received by Martindale-Nolo
  • Frequency of lead requests generated from the same device
  • Advanced duplicate lead detection
  • Detailed page URL analysis

 “Our adoption of AI and improvements to identity validation and lead screening is a game-changer. It allows Martindale-Nolo to unpack more case details by asking potential clients the appropriate follow-up questions related to their cases,” says Jyoti Suhag, Director of Product at Martindale-Nolo.

“We look forward to continuing to utilize AI to improve the consumer experience by streamlining their search to hire an attorney, while also providing more detailed and descriptive leads for our attorney clients.”

To learn more about AI-enabled lead enhancements from Martindale-Nolo, click here. For the full press release with boiler plate and contact information, hop on over to PRNewswire.

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