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Blog Writing Tips for Lawyers

Blog Writing Tips for Lawyers

If you read our previous post, Reasons to Blog as a Lawyer, you understand how blogging can benefit your practice. In this blog, let’s dive into some helpful blogging tips for lawyers. 

Optimize Your Posts for Search Engines 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of writing blog posts. Roughly 43% of potential clients used Google’s search engines to research attorneys according to our Hiring an Attorney report. You should do everything possible to get your website to show up in the top results. 

To improve your search engine ranking, follow these best practices: 

  • Select long-tail keywords. Choose longer keywords. While it’s difficult to compete for keywords such as “personal injury lawyer,” you will find more success with specific phrases like “fixed-fee personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, Texas.” 
  • Sprinkle (don’t stuff) your keywords. Naturally incorporate keywords throughout your piece. Your keywords should show up in the post title, the beginning of the post, a heading or two, image captions, and alt-text (image descriptions). However, don’t go overboard. Stuffing your keywords as many times as possible in your post will worsen your writing quality and hurt your search engine rankings. 
  • Be consistent. Once you choose a few target keywords, use them consistently in multiple posts. It may take a while for your website to show up in search results, but don’t give up. Patience and persistence are key. 

Make Your Posts Easy to Read

While jargon might have a place in legal briefs or SEC filings, keep fancy words and confusing phrases out of your blog posts. Long, uninterrupted blocks of text are also intimidating and will bore your readers. If potential clients can’t understand you, they won’t hire you. Instead, stick to simple words and short paragraphs. Make your posts scannable with bullet points, numbered lists, and subheadings. 

Include a Call to Action 

Your post should include a clear call to action. Ask your potential client to call you, send you an email, or book an initial consultation. Prompting readers to engage with your business is just as important as providing valuable information or advice with your blog posts. Looking for more tips on how to market your firm? Check out our blog archive.

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