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Make It Easy for the Right Leads to Become Clients

Legal consumers seeking to hire an attorney want a speedy response to their inquiry.  In fact, a majority indicate that slow response time is their number one red flag when considering who to hire. 

To speed up their return communication to prospects, savvy attorneys have turned to online scheduling tools. Giving prospective clients the option to schedule an appointment with you on the spot – on your website, social media profiles or directory listings – discourages prospects from further shopping around, in essence providing a real-time “response.”

Improve Conversion Rates

You can’t predict the moment or time a legal consumer decides to contact you. Forty percent of legal consumers reach out to firms after office hours, scheduling appointments or engaging in chat. As we saw above, lead response time matters – interest level and lead quality is highest when clients are looking for a trusted advisor; if you fail to follow up quickly, they’ll move on to your competitors. 

Keep in mind, your potential clients have done their research and formed a strong opinion about you before they ever reach out. Staying accessible to these clients shows them you are serious about getting – and keeping – their business. With an online scheduling tool, you have the opportunity to grab the clients before your competitors.

Offering your clients an online scheduling tool such as Martindale-Avvo TrueScheduler means you’ll always be accessible, 24/7. Prospective clients won’t have to wait for you to contact them to book an appointment. This helps you save time and resources by not playing email or phone tag to set up a time to meet. 

TrueScheduler syncs with your calendar, giving you complete control over the time and dates made available to prospects. You can also accept or reject any appointment requests made, which means you maintain ultimate control over your scheduling.

Meet With Only the Right Leads

The best online scheduling tools provide the ability for you to ask key questions of your prospects before you confirm an appointment request. They give you the ability to screen the prospect, with qualifying questions that make sure the consumer is the right fit for your firm. You save time and resources as prospects fill out your intake forms online instead of over the phone. Knowing important information about your prospective clients before you reach out can also increase your conversion rates as you shorten the response time and focus on your ideal clients.

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