Online Scheduling

Make it easy for leads to become clients

Martindale-Avvo TrueScheduler helps you convert online leads to clients. This smart scheduling assistant automates the appointment booking process at your firm. The software automatically syncs with your online calendar, allowing prospective clients to see your availability and instantly book an available appointment any time of day or night. Customized pre-screening questions help you ensure the client is a good fit.


Offer Appointments 24/7

Benefits of online scheduling

  • 24/7 Scheduling

    Let prospective clients book appointments from your website,, and profiles, and social media.

  • Pre-screen Prospects

    Customizable screening questions capture needed qualification information.

  • Syncs with Your Calendar

    Syncs and schedules appointments across multiple calendars and practice areas.

  • Converts More Leads

    On-the-spot appointment scheduling discourages clients from shopping around.

Streamline the Communication Experience

Improve Lead Conversion

Staying accessible to legal consumers shows you are serious about getting – and keeping – their business. Enabling one-click scheduling paves the way for prospects and clients alike to connect with you when they need you most.

Offer Appointment Times on Your Schedule

Sync and schedule appointments for multiple practice areas across multiple calendars within your firm. TrueScheduler integrates with your calendar so you can offer online appointment scheduling that works for you.  Clients simply pick a proposed date and time to meet, and you can accept or decline based on your schedule or intake information.

Get Identification and Case Information

TrueScheduler offers you the ability to add customized, pre-screening questions for prospects to answer when scheduling an appointment. These answers not only will help you determine if the appointment time is appropriate for the prospect’s need, but also help with intake and assessment.

Generate Automatic Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Reduce the problem of no-show appointments with TrueScheduler. TrueScheduler automatically adds the proposed appointment to your calendar as well as the client’s or prospect’s calendar. You have the option to review the information provided and reschedule or cancel as needed. Reminder emails are sent to both you and your client or prospect prior to the meeting so everyone shows up.