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Law Firms Are Missing the Boat on Text Messaging


We tend to assume that everyone has a mobile phone these days, and that’s not far from the truth. Studies show that:

With such easy and immediate access to most people, more and more businesses are using text messages to convert leads and communicate with their clients. With its affordability, speed, and convenience, text messaging is a must for any firm. 

Law firms looking to stay ahead of the curve should invest in case intake and lead management software solutions. Look for solutions with automated texts or messaging tools. These are the four key benefits your firm can expect: 

1. Improved Lead Follow-Up and Conversion

See leads as soon as they come in from your website, chat service, third party lead provider, or call center, so that you can follow up right away. If your call attempt is unsuccessful, your lead management software solution should be able to automatically send a customized text message from your firm to the potential client asking that they call back. 

Create template text messages for subsequent phases of your firm’s lead conversion process. Automated text messaging tools mean you and your staff can spend more time on current cases and other aspects of converting leads into new clients. 

Moreover, your lead management software should not be limited to your office computers. You need a mobile app that is fully integrated with your other devices so you can receive and respond to leads in real-time while you’re on the go.

2. Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Text messaging tools can also be used to schedule meetings and send appointment reminders. Why should your staff spend time scheduling meetings and calling or manually texting meeting reminders when your software will do it for you automatically?

3. Tracking Text Messages

Not only should you be able to send text messages to your clients and leads, but you should also have the ability to receive and track their responses, making it easy for you and your staff to access and review them as needed.

You can convert more leads by adding a text-to-chat feature to your website. This will allow potential clients to communicate with your firm 24/7.

4. eSign Documents via Text Message

Take the hassle out of getting signed retainer agreements and other documents back from your potential clients by integrating electronic signature technology into text messages. 

Giving potential clients the ability to review, sign, and electronically return documents ensures a faster and more efficient process. No more delays associated with printing, scanning, and sending the documents back to you. This makes life easier for both you and your clients, and can significantly increase your plaintiff firm’s conversion rate.

Plaintiff firms should take advantage of text messaging as a form of easy and immediate communication with both clients and leads. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, solutions like Ngage Live Chat, the Martindale Leads Manager app, and Captorra can automate and efficiently manage your SMS/text messaging as a part of your case intake and lead conversion process.

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