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AI Tools for Law Firm Lead Generation

Legal practice has largely been the domain of lawyers who spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing, analyzing, and summarizing an unending flow of documents. Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have made the process more efficient and manageable for lawyers, in particular small firm practitioners who don’t have the personpower to read an endless volume of documents.

While AI improves this aspect of legal practice, it’s just one example of the recent surge of AI products. Solutions like ChatGPT promise to make existing AI tools for lawyers even more intuitive and efficient, but there’s another aspect to the new wave of legal artificial intelligence: marketing. 

It’s no secret that lawyers and law firms must maintain an online presence to continually attract and retain clients, but digital marketing is labor-intensive and expensive. Some new AI tools promise to make this easier and accessible to firms of all sizes.

With the new tools also comes the concern from lawmakers about how they might impact the public. That’s led to a new regulatory response as this field is just beginning to expand rapidly — in legal practice and beyond. 

Here are a few examples of new AI tools on the market for lawyers — and one example of a state government stepping in with some regulations on their use. 

Justia AI

Justia AI Writer promises to do what you probably dread doing – write and update content for your law firm’s website. Instead of hiring a copywriter or external marketing firm, Justia AI Writer lets you do the job entirely in-house. 

This is particularly helpful for developing those practice-area pages that take so much time. No longer do you have to compose an original 1,000 words on a legal issue to attract search engine traffic. Justia AI has you covered.

Westlaw Precision AI

While Justia AI helps you with marketing, Westlaw Precision can help you with your practice’s bread and butter: legal research. The tool uses a large language model (LLM) to survey Westlaw’s existing content and locate the best answers to your legal research questions. 

Westlaw Precision starts with primary law, which is constantly evolving – so you get the best up-to-date research for the legal question you need to be answered. 

The company notes it’s still essential for lawyers to review the output from the Westlaw tool, as only lawyers can confirm its accuracy. Tools like ChatGPT, which are not necessarily legal industry-specific, often pull content without regard for its source or accuracy. 

With Westlaw, lawyers can feel more confident about the results but still need to take the added step of human review. 

LexBlog Lou AI

Back on the marketing front, the Lou AI tool from LexBlog gives lawyers an edge when they are developing blog content. Unlike practice area pages, which commonly remain static for months or years, blog content needs constant updating. 

This is a time-consuming process that often strains a lawyer’s creative energies. The need to come up with new and relevant blog post ideas, research them, regularly compose blogs of a certain number of words, and review existing content for overlaps can be overwhelming.

Lou AI takes care of most of these tasks. The tool is on the ground with the grunt work, proposing blog post ideas, and helping you to compose summaries and key takeaways. The tool also suggests relevant titles that you can add to the post as well as proofread for grammar and readability. 

For the busy small firm lawyer, it’s a solution that helps you keep your online content relevant and up to date. 

Harvey AI 

Harvey AI is not yet on the market; its website simply asks people to join the waitlist if they are interested. The platform has some high-level backing in the AI space, with the OpenAI startup fund as part of its most recent funding round. OpenAI is the nonprofit behind ChatGPT, so one can assume that Harvey AI will use some of the platform’s AI tools.

Harvey AI has some true innovative potential; as an AI tool, it can learn on the job. When a law firm adopts Harvey AI, the tool uses the firm’s work products and templates to customize its assistance. Regulatory compliance, due diligence, as well as contractual analysis and litigation, are among its capabilities. 

Minnesota’s Public Artificial Intelligence Services Security Standard

As much as new AI tools are making waves in the legal space, some governments are taking action with new regulations that govern when and how their employees can use AI. A recent example is the Public Artificial Intelligence Services Security Standard in Minnesota.

The Standard was designed to balance the utility of AI tools like ChatGPT with the risk of sharing sensitive or protected data. The rules apply to Minnesota government employees as well as third parties who use AI systems within the Minnesota government.

The rules in Minnesota might evolve over time, but under the current standard one can only use AI when dealing with “low” data under the state’s data protection categorization standards. Low data is defined as “public” and intended for public availability. 

AI-Supported Lead Generation From Martindale-Avvo

Martindale-Avvo is a frontrunner in the use of new technology tools that help lawyers build their legal practices. Our new AI-supported lead generation tool from Martindale-Nolo is a game changer that supports small firms and solo practitioners to gain the clients most suited to their areas of expertise. 

In-depth data insights, including duplicate lead detection and detailed page URL analysis, mean you can trust the information you get from our solutions, making your law firm marketing more efficient and lucrative. 

This is just one aspect of the work we can do for you at Martindale-Avvo. From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-lead, Martindale-Avvo has the tools you seek. Contact us today to see how we can help your firm to grow and expand. 

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