Google Screened Now Easier for Attorneys: Background Checks No Longer Required

Google’s recent changes to the background check requirements for its Local Services Ads (LSAs) make it easier for law firms and attorneys to achieve the Google Screened badge.

Google made clear that because attorneys and firms already go through extensive screening in order to practice law, they will no longer need to participate in the cumbersome background checks previously required. This change means that the multi-week delay firms have been experiencing in the process of getting Google Screened should be greatly reduced if not eliminated.

Firms will still need to show proof of professional liability insurance and maintain an updated expiration date of the bar license for each attorney in the firm.

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LSAs have become increasingly visible in Search Engine results during the past year and provide a viable option for firms looking for a pay-per-lead option in their marketing strategy. An LSA is not the right fit for every type of law firm, however. Be sure to review these key considerations before taking the plunge.