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How COVID-19 Unemployment Data Can Help You Attract New Clients

Adam Silver is the principal analyst on the Avvo advanced analytics team. He works on all things data related but is currently focusing on predictive analytics. Across the Martindale-Avvo network, we are seeing unprecedented increases in visitors browsing our legal resources, asking legal questions and reaching out for legal assistance. We are sharing this data…Read More


SEO vs SEM Infographic

SEO vs SEM: What is the difference? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process used to prepare websites to rank high in search results and gain more organic traffic, while SEM (Search Engine Marketing) comprises tactics that allow you to promote your website online. SEM includes SEO, but goes beyond that; it involves other methods…Read More

ethical considerations

The Ethical Considerations of Legal Referrals

Referral marketing allows law firms to produce a steady stream of new clients at a minimal cost. Scoring occasional referrals from close professional connections or satisfied clients is one thing, but actively seeking them out is different. Attorneys unfamiliar with this approach sometimes worry about the ethical implications, particularly for referral protocol that involves financial…Read More