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Videoconferencing: How to Maintain Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Though privacy concerns have always been paramount within the legal profession, new concerns have arisen as more attorneys than ever are meeting virtually with clients over online video conferencing systems. Whether you’re new to this technology or have been using it for years, it is critical to address concerns about confidentiality and cybersecurity. The American…Read More

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Keeping Clients Up to Date

Most clients have the desire to participate in the critical decision making necessary to resolve their case, and they should do so. To accomplish this, they need to understand what is happening. As their attorney, you have an obligation to communicate with your clients.  Often unintentionally, once hired, some attorneys do not always prioritize client…Read More

Lawyernomics Online is Relaunching On June 24

Avvo Lawyernomics, a principal legal technology conference, and forum sought to provide attorneys with the latest solutions to help them grow their business. The forum created a community where attorneys and legal technologists could learn from each other. We’re pleased to announce that Martindale-Avvo is relaunching Lawyernomics and taking it completely digital. Lawyernomics® Online will…Read More