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An Effective “No-Tech” Tactic to Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO Performance in 2022

If you’ve ever endeavored to learn a thing or two about the practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in an effort to help increase your law firm’s online visibility, you may have come across several intimidating industry terms. Words like crawlers, robots.txt, no-follow, SERP, alt text, J-SON, pagination and the ever-dreaded canonicalization can be as…Read More

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How to Protect Your Law Firm from Ransomware and Other Security Breaches

Some degree of risk has always been inherent in the legal profession. These days, however, your law firm must tread carefully, and not just for fear of courtroom missteps. After all, law firm online security concerns threaten to derail the most trusted practices—even those that have implemented strict security measures. Unfortunately, attacks are increasingly common…Read More


Three Ways Hispanic Lawyer Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

When someone faces a legal challenge, whether it be a divorce, landlord-tenant dispute, business formation, or a criminal charge, what they need most is a good attorney. Unfortunately, Hispanic lawyer marketing has not kept pace with the numerous legal marketing campaigns targeted at other population segments. As a result, Spanish-speaking people often find it difficult…Read More