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Introducing Legal Lookback from Martindale-Avvo

An inside look at the all-new Legal Lookback 2023 from Martindale-Avvo.

Data and insights are critical to any professional to understand their business and we know that is especially true for attorneys operating a legal practice in an ever-evolving, competitive landscape. It’s the recognition of, and need for, the Martindale-Avvo customers to have key insights into their performance that fueled the creation of a new program that we’ve unveiled called The Legal Lookback by Martindale-Avvo.

The Legal Lookback is an amalgamation of data, key insights, and profile performance packaged into a simple, bite-sized snapshot for attorneys and firms nationwide. The data shared with participating customers demonstrates the impact attorneys have had on Martindale and Avvo legal directories and with legal consumers in 2023.

We also introduced, as part of the program, a series of performance challenges and awards for attorneys – acknowledging excellence in several categories of performance including overall impressions and exposure, client reviews, Q+A forums, Peer Reviews, and Peer Endorsements.

In putting this program together, we’re overjoyed to have seen firsthand the performance attorneys and firms have had nationwide and in nearly every practice area in 2023 and look forward to supporting our customers in the new year.

Interested in your own “Legal Lookback”? Get connected with a Martindale-Avvo account manager today.

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