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research report: 7 Best Practices for Attorneys Adapting to the Times

Research Report: 7 Best Practices for Attorneys Adapting to COVID-19

To understand how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the legal system, we surveyed attorneys and laypeople looking for legal help. Here’s what we found, and what we think lawyers should do for commercial success in a new era.  1. Embrace Virtual Communication2. Secure Your Workspaces3. Streamline Your Practice4. Pivot Your Practice5. Establish a Strong Online…Read More


SEO During a Pandemic

COVID-19 is changing how, when, and what legal consumers are searching. You may have seen some of the impact of this already on your traffic or conversion rates. During a recent webinar, a team of SEO specialists answered questions submitted by attorneys on what you should be doing right now to leverage these recent changes…Read More

Google adwords

Why Google Is Rejecting Ads That Mention ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’

Searches related to ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ are currently the highest trending search terms on Google. In the end, these terms might become the largest-ever searched terms in Google history. With this known, many clients have asked if they can utilize ‘coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’ in their Google Ads. This might sound like a good idea, especially…Read More

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How to Maximize Your Paid Search Ad Budget During COVID-19

Law firms and businesses alike are finding new ways to do business while keeping their employees safe. This means working from home, taking phone consultations, video conferencing and even closing offices altogether. With everyone doing their part to keep business “running as usual,” updating your search marketing campaign can help your business thrive during this…Read More

COVID Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense After COVID-19

With courts closed and people staying at home to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, criminal activity has fallen far below normal levels. In most cities, people are not committing crimes, and are therefore not researching or contacting lawyers. Across criminal defense, traffic on Nolo consumer legal resources has fallen significantly. Criminal defense, however, is a wide…Read More


Recovery from COVID-19 in the Legal Industry

COVID related practice areas remain elevated, but interest is subsiding. Unemployment Demand for unemployment legal resources correlated closely with lockdowns caused by COVID-19, so unemployment has become a primary traffic driver across Traffic levels at the beginning of March were already elevated, but pageviews shot up 2000% as the pandemic lockdowns reached their peak….Read More


How COVID-19 Unemployment Data Can Help You Attract New Clients

Adam Silver is the principal analyst on the Avvo advanced analytics team. He works on all things data related but is currently focusing on predictive analytics. Across the Martindale-Avvo network, we are seeing unprecedented increases in visitors browsing our legal resources, asking legal questions and reaching out for legal assistance. We are sharing this data…Read More