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Legal Marketing Myths: There Is No Value In An Online Attorney Profile

How do you connect with new clients? Traditionally, lawyers have relied on referrals. This makes sense; personal recommendations may reduce your need to vet leads. They could also minimize the headaches that accompany “bad” clients.

Referrals hold considerable value, but they shouldn’t form the entirety of your marketing strategy. If you neglect to build an online presence, you could miss out on a steady stream of quality clients. A professional attorney profile could grant you a head start, making it easier to build the strong client base you desire.

Still not convinced? Below, we detail a few of the many reasons why online attorney profiles are so important:

Building Trust Online

Each attorney-client relationship begins long before the initial consultation. Even those who arrive by way of referral are bound to scope out your law firm online. They hope to gain not only detailed information about your background and legal accomplishments, but also a sense for your personal approach — and whether your legal style matches their personality and preferences.

Open and honest attorney-client relationships depend on open and honest attorney profiles. Any mismatch between your profile and in-person interactions will alarm new clients.

Your online profile should highlight your values as an attorney and how you define success. If these resonate with your audience, you can expect an influx of trusting and enthusiastic leads.

The Need for Validation

Today’s Internet users refuse to so much as visit a coffee shop without surveying their options and scouring dozens of reviews on Yelp. How can you expect them to commit to a lawyer who lacks an online presence and online reviews?

In an age of endless information, prospective clients view offline lawyers with skepticism. And, while it’s possible to overcome a bad review or two, a complete lack of feedback implies that your business is irrelevant, or worse, sketchy.

Your potential clients won’t see a lack of reviews and assume that you’re a referral-based business; they will assume you have something to hide. Without social proof, you risk missing out on digitally driven leads as well as the referrals on which your business depends.

Discerning clients want to know what they’re getting into long before they call your office to schedule a consultation. Satisfy their curiosity with an online profile which includes client reviews that accurately reflects your unique strengths as an attorney.

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