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Webinar: Improve Your Firm’s Marketing with Exclusive 2019 Research

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What makes a client choose your law firm over any of the other firms out there? How can you tailor your marketing efforts in order to meet the needs of clients? In our on August 21 webinar, we discussed the results of the 2019 Hiring an Attorney Report with Erin Gerstenzang from EHG Law Firm and Patrick Palace from Palace Law. Here are some key takeaways:

Diversify Your Advertising

Reviews, ads, referrals and an easy to navigate website are all must-haves when considering how you can better serve your potential client-base. Research from the 2019 Hiring an Attorney Report shows that clients use a variety of resources when looking for legal representation, including Google searches, family and friend referrals, firm websites and online reviews. In fact, 56 percent of legal consumers claim that they pay particular attention to client reviews. This means, as a legal business, your marketing efforts shouldn’t be wholly focused on one specific area. Clients want to know what it will be like to work with you, and there are multiple ways to show them. 

Be Transparent About Your Pricing Model

When it comes down to it, clients are looking for an attorney that they can afford, so they’re price shopping as much as they are looking for the right  legal advocate. This is why it’s important to have your pricing model accessible to prospective clients and, what’s more, explain what it means. For instance, someone seeking legal help may not know what a contingency fee is, so including a brief explanation could make the difference between a client choosing you or your competitor.

Encourage In-person Reviews

Many clients take to online forums to write reviews, but too many negative reviews could mean trouble for a firm. During the webinar, attorney Patrick Palace stresses the importance of in-person reviews, stating that firms should give clients “an opportunity to give you feedback internally […] Give them a chance to have their voice heard in your office by you.” By making yourself open to hearing negative feedback from a client, you increase your chances of being able to fix the situation, while also keeping a damaging review from going online. Going even further, a client who is pleased with how their case turned out, even after being dissatisfied originally, can then market your firm to others simply through word of mouth.

To hear the full webinar about how to improve your firm’s marketing efforts, click the link below.


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