Improve your Firm’s Marketing with Exclusive 2019 Research

August 21, 2019

What do clients value in an attorney? Are they more interested in your online reviews or your fee schedule? In the age of online information, do referrals still matter? As more potential clients perform their entire attorney search online, law firms are recalibrating how they manage prospects’ expectations and clients’ needs. How do you keep pace
and win the hearts of consumers looking for you?

Join Erin Gerstenzang from EHG Law Firm and Patrick Palace from Palace Law as they give you the secrets to using the results of “Hiring an Attorney 2019,” a proprietary report that covers the legal journeys of 6300 consumers. They’ll draw on data and experience to dive into the consumer decision-making process, the value of service they expect, and how they make their final choice.

Watch this webcast and come away with a clear understanding of how your prospective clients think, feel, and act. Be empowered to:

● Enhance your firm’s marketing strategy to more successfully reach the specific prospects you’re targeting.
● Use your current clients to help you grow your practice.
● Streamline your communications to deliver the information that will cause prospects to select you as their attorney


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