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Free vs. Paid Online Advertising: Which is the Better Option?

A steady stream of leads is crucial for gaining momentum as a lawyer. But competition is fierce, and sometimes the pipeline dries up. If you can’t seem to drum up enough good clients, a strategic online advertising effort can put you back on top.

Why online advertising? The ABA Journal reports 38% of people to turn to the internet to find a lawyer, and you’re missing out on lucrative leads if you don’t advertise online. 

Before you jump in, deciding whether you’ll use free vs. paid online advertising and which platform you’ll focus on is key to finding the right clients. While both have a place in marketing your firm, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with the right approach.

Free Online Advertising Opportunities

  • Google Business Profile- Get your business to the top of Google Search and Map results by claiming and posting updates to your business profile.
  • Yelp – Claiming your free online listing with Yelp can tap into the more than 171 million visitors the site has every month.
  • Social Media – Depending on your area of practice, your firm’s Facebook page, Instagram account, or LinkedIn profile can reach your target demographic to draw in new leads.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Although building online authority with SEO takes time, your efforts can generate huge returns on your investment and direct traffic to your firm’s website.

Paid Online Advertising Options

  • Social Media Ads – Reaching the right audience is critical with online advertising, and paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, and more can diversify your message and deliver results by micro-targeting consumers.
  • Google Ads – As a pay-per-click advertiser, Google ads has a 36% share of digital ad spending and can skyrocket your business. On average, businesses earn $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on Google Ads.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Finding the right keywords to win at the SEO game isn’t easy and hiring a marketing firm can give your business the edge it needs to get seen online.

Free vs. Paid Online Advertising: Which is Right for You?

Paid advertising gives you more control over the information that reaches consumers. The costs can vary, but it might be worth the money since it allows you to build your image around what’s important to you and your brand. 

Free online advertising can boost your online authority without the high price tag. A good social media campaign can have a far-reaching impact for little to no cost. Plus, consumer confidence can increase because your message feels like a friendly recommendation rather than a sales pitch.

Ultimately, both methods can help to turn your law firm’s website into a lead-generating machine. Your decision depends on your budget and how aggressive you want to be in finding new clients. And whichever you choose, aligning yourself with the right marketing partner can maximize your results.

Find out how Martindale-Avvo can help you with your advertising needs on our service page. 

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