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25 Apps to Market Your Firm on the Go

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Small law firm marketing made easy

As a small firm owner, an entire marketing department is likely not a viable option for you. Luckily, with a wide variety of free and paid marketing apps available, you can monitor and adjust your law firm’s marketing strategies and campaigns easily from your phone.  

Check out some of our recommended apps that will save you time and minimize stress. 

1. Dropbox. While not the most glamorous app on this list, Dropbox is a lifesaver for those who work across multiple devices and need easy access to their graphics, marketing materials, and documents at any time. 

2. Bitly. When you share long URLs on social media, they create messy, unprofessional-looking posts. Bitly shortens links and provides data on how each link performs, giving you insight into what works and what doesn’t. 

3. Fiverr. Long-term, it is best to build relationships with outsourced content creators and graphic designers who know your brand and produce consistently high-quality work. But when you are in a pinch, Fiverr is an excellent way to get a task done quickly and try out new creators at minimal expense. 

4. Upwork. Like Fiverr, Upwork helps you find freelancers for marketing tasks.  It is easy to create new job listings on the app, sort applicants by their qualifications, and consider bids. It also provides a safe way to communicate with freelancers. 

5. Yelp for Business Owners. If your law firm has a Yelp page—and it should—you need Yelp for Business Owners. With a click, you can check how many views your business page is getting, respond to reviews, and figure out how people engage with your page. 

6. GetResponse. While the GetResponse app lacks some of the desktop website features, you can use it to check e-mail campaigns, new leads, and statistics on the go. 

7. GetResponse Social Ads Creator. GetResponse Social Ads Creator offers a simple way to create slideshows, photo collages, and social media graphics. 

8. Google Ads. PPC advertising is essential to many small law firms, and with the Google Ads app, you can automatically see how well your campaigns are doing. Since ad spending can be quite expensive, tracking and stopping unsuccessful campaigns is crucial for small firms. 

9. Google Business Profile. Control your Google business page on the go with this app. Check your profile, client reviews, and visitor stats regularly through their app.  

10. Google Analytics. With built-in reports, real-time data, and customizable reporting options, Google Analytics helps you keep an eye on your website performance anywhere you are. 

11. Followers Pro. Analyze your followers and who interacts with your posts across different social media platforms with Followers Pro. You can also monitor multiple accounts, see how much audience engagement you are getting, and who is interacting with your page the most. 

12. Social Searcher. Keep an eye on posts that mention your law firm, your area of practice, or other relevant keywords to your marketing efforts. 

13. Mention. Manage your online presence with Mention. Set up alerts for your law firm name, lawyers’ names,  competitors’ names, keywords, and anything else that drives your marketing decisions. You can also link your social media accounts to share posts that mention your law firm. 

14. Insightly. Insightly is a customer relationship management tool that adds contacts, takes notes on conversations with your contacts, and assigns tasks that need to be completed for each person in your list. 

15. Cloze. Cloze pays attention to your e-mail habits to figure out which e-mails are important and require an immediate response. It also offers automatic reminders to touch base with contacts. 

16. Hootsuite. Social media is the cornerstone of many law firms’ marketing plans but posting on multiple platforms is time-consuming. With Hootsuite, you can create and schedule posts, monitor activity on your posts, and connect with visitors. 

17. Buffer. Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer is an alternative app to automatically post to social media accounts based on a set schedule, with the flexibility to use different photos for each platform. 

18. Trello. This productivity app makes it easy to outline marketing tasks, assign them to team members, and track progress on different projects. 

19. Asana. If you are juggling multiple marketing projects, Asana allows you to track tasks, ensure that you do not fall behind, and track new ideas. 

20. Canva. Successful blog posts and social media posts often rely on strong graphics. If you are interested in doing your own graphic design, Canva is an easy-to-use app that helps you make Instagram stories, logos, infographics, and edited graphics. 

21. Over. Create images that strengthen your brand with Over. Photo and video templates let you drag and drop for effortless graphic creation. 

22. Adobe Spark Post for Graphics.  For those who want to get more in-depth with their graphic design, this app comes with a library of templates, fonts, animations, filters, and icons that you can use to customize photos. 

23. iStock. Search stock photos to find the perfect graphic for a blog post or social media post. Save images to your lightboard for later editing and use. 

24. Pexels. Pexels offers a sizable library of photos that are free for both personal and commercial use. Since people upload their own images, you can find new options that are not on other sites. 

25. Shutterstock. Over 310 million stock photos and vectors await you on Shutterstock. New photos and videos are added daily for further inspiration. 

Whether your law firm needs help with graphic creation, advertising campaign management, or client outreach, there is an app for that. Use these apps to save time while still setting your law firm up for optimal results.

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