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Introducing Legal Growth Engine by Martindale-Avvo

custom bespoke legal marketing services

Bespoke, white-glove service acts as a powerful growth partner, backed by the exclusive Martindale-Avvo Everywhere advertising network.

Martindale-Avvo turned heads last month with its newest service bundle, Complete Profile Plus, and the company is proud to now introduce Legal Growth Engine, a white-glove marketing program designed to help firms elevate their business to new heights. 

Legal Growth Engine is custom-made for attorneys who understand that their practice is a business, and Martindale-Avvo is their full-service growth partner. This integrated experience taps the power of the Martindale-Avvo Everywhere advertising network — a unique asset that touches 225 million monthly online visitors — to drive growth, allowing firms to become lucrative powerhouses in their respective, chosen markets. 

Bespoke Service for Each Firm’s Goals

“Legal Growth Engine offers a unique and personalized marketing service that allows firms to collaborate with a dedicated and trusted account manager,” said Suke Jawanda, Group General Manager of Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo. “The account manager serves as an extension of the firm and as a gateway to a team of Martindale-Avvo marketing professionals who can expertly manage custom marketing campaigns to drive results. 

“This all-inclusive package is fully branded, adeptly advised, and is designed for scalability, making it a one-of-a-kind offering that sets Legal Growth Engine apart from traditional legal marketing agencies and consultants,” Jawanda said. 

Going beyond traditional marketing approaches, Legal Growth Engine is tailored to meet the specific marketing needs of each firm. A comprehensive suite of conversion-focused services is implemented across the digital footprint of each firm, including existing website, legal profiles on our directories, social media channels and digital ads. 

The suite of services includes syndicating key consumer trust builders — such as ratings, reviews and awards — as well as intake channels, including tracked calls, messages, live chat and screened form fills. Seamless integration with customer relationship management systems and transparent analytics provide a comprehensive marketing solution for attorneys and firms to achieve their growth objectives. 

Unrivaled Reach and Proven Results

With Martindale-Avvo Everywhere, the company’s proprietary ad network, firms can reach an unparalleled 90% of all legal information seekers on the internet — effectively targeting potential clients across the web, delivering maximum exposure and return on investment.

Several attorneys have already signed up, trusting their firm’s growth goals to Martindale-Avvo. One such attorney is Stephen Berlin of Berlin Law Firm, who said that in March alone, his firm received nearly 30% more prospects than projected, as well as exceeded case number expectations. 

“We’ve substantially elevated our marketing efforts by harnessing the power of Martindale-Avvo’s Legal Growth Engine,” Berlin said. “From helping us increase reviews for our attorneys to delivering qualified prospects, it’s been a successful partnership we’re interested in continuing.”

Interested firms and attorneys can learn more about the Legal Growth Engine and contact representatives on

This originally appeared as a press release on PRNewswire.

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