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How to Find the Right SEO Service Provider for Your Law Firm

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Finding the right search engine optimization (SEO) service provider for your law firm is no simple task. Pick the right one and you’ll see more traffic and visibility, but pick the wrong one and your business can suffer major consequences.

The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company for Your Law Firm 

Some law firms try to handle SEO in-house or look for cheap providers. These aren’t usually the best options. Instead, opt for legitimate SEO experts that will help you:

  • Build a cleaner and faster website that delivers better user experience
  • Craft compelling website copy and calls to action that motivate visitors
  • Improve your website’s search engine rankings, which means more traffic, more clients, and more revenue

You need an SEO specialist that operates as an extension of your own team. The right SEO company will have an excellent understanding of search engine algorithms, be able to navigate the nuances of marketing legal services, and tailor their expertise to your particular needs. Follow these guidelines to help you select the best SEO agency for your business. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Service Provider

1. Clearly Define Your Goals

To avoid confusion and improve efficiency, you should create a precise list of what you want to accomplish with your SEO partnership. Are you looking to increase website traffic with results related to “auto accidents”? Maybe you want to reduce your site’s bounce rate or increase overall conversions. Have this list of goals ready to discuss with your shortlist of candidates—the clearer your goals, the easier it is to determine who can best deliver them.

2. Research the SEO Provider’s Client Reviews and Case Studies

You will have many SEO service providers to choose from. Narrow your options by conducting some independent research:

  • Carefully review their website to see what services they offer.
  • Check if the service provider specializes in SEO for law firms or provides more general SEO services.
  • Review case studies, and portfolios—consider it a red flag if these elements are missing.
  • Review client testimonials, not just on their website but on Google, Yelp and other review aggregation sites. Businesses may often choose to show only positive reviews on their own websites.Ask the firm for a list of clients they’ve worked with and contact former clients for opinions.

3. Find an SEO Company That Uses Data-Driven Methods

After outlining a list of clear and measurable goals, you want to make sure that the company you choose has a method of benchmarking progress. In particular, you and your SEO firm need to be on the same page with key performance indicators (KPIs). The SEO specialists you work with should be familiar with using KPI data to make smart, informed decisions to improve your website. Important KPIs to track include:

  • Organic sessions: How many people visit your website through organic search?
  • Keyword rankings: Which keywords does your website rank for? How have those rankings improved each month?
  • Conversion rates: What percentage of your site’s visitors contact you for a consultation or become clients?
  • Page load time: Website loading speed is a Google search engine ranking factor and impacts the user experience—according to Google, website bounce rates increase by 90% when page load times increase from one to five seconds. 

4. Ask if the Company Offers Complementary Services

An experienced SEO provider for your law firm may also offer complementary services such as content creation, website design, and social media advertising. Having all these services under makes sense because all of these elements have an impact on the success of your SEO strategy, not to mention isis more cost-effective, more efficient for your workflow, and less of a hassle for your management team.

5. Choose a Firm that Communicates Effectively

Schedule a consultation with prospective SEO providers to learn more about how they conduct business and communicate with their clients:

  • Decide whether the SEO company’s communication and business methods align with your own.
  • Although you will have access to tools that measure KPIs, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, make sure someone will analyze and report that data on a regular basis.

Finding the right SEO company for your law firm is a challenging task. When looking for an SEO service provider for your law firm, be sure to clearly define your goals, investigate reviews and services, and choose a company that works and communicates effectively. You may also want to identify a service provider that specializes in working with law firms. They may be best suited to understand the nuances of the field and will already know the keywords and strategies needed to help you improve. Most importantly, understand that SEO is a long-term process that will help build your brand and expand your business if you foster a healthy partnership with the right SEO service provider.

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