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Which Questions Create Meaningful Client Testimonials?

Testimonials are important. A 2018 ReviewTrackers survey found that over 60% of potential clients check online reviews as a first step of interacting with a business. Even with the proliferation of online reviews, asking for a testimonial can be surprisingly difficult. Besides setting yourself up for potential rejection, there’s also the dilemma of determining which questions to ask. 

So, when you want testimonials for your law firm, which questions should you ask to create meaningful testimonials? Read on to find out:

3 Questions that Generate Meaningful Client Testimonials

1. Before you hired me, what were you most concerned about? Did that happen? If not, what did happen? 

Often, you may be the first lawyer that your client has ever hired, and the client’s first interaction with a lawyer. Others out there who are considering your services may be curious what it’s like to work with a lawyer and what it’s like to work with you. This question encourages clients to discuss what worried them before they contacted you, how you brought them through the intake process, and what it was like to work with you. 

2. If a close friend were looking for a lawyer, what would you say to him/her about me? 

People who are considering your services may wish that they could just ask someone close to them what it’s like to work with you. They want the honest opinion of someone they know and can trust. If that’s not possible, asking your clients this question may give future clients the insight they need to determine if your approach and style is the right fit for them.

3. What did you most like about working with me?

This open-ended question lets clients frame their own answer about something they enjoyed while they were working with you. Their responses could address your approach, your expertise, your responsiveness or even something about your office staff. The beauty of this question is that your clients may think to highlight something that you would not have thought to ask. 

Why Client Testimonials Work

When you are contemplating a major purchase, you ask around and do your research. You want to know about the product and the party offering it. The legal world is no different. Many potential clients want to see that people just like them traveled down this road before, chose you, and had a positive experience. Show you can help them. But, remember, while asking the right questions will lead to meaningful client testimonials that answer the questions of future clients, staying within the law yourself is also important. While many states have adopted the American Bar Association’s Model Rules, which establish some guidelines around law firm marketing efforts, it’s always critical to stay on the right side of the law and check into any requirements specific to your jurisdiction when creating client testimonials. 

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