If you’re serious about increasing your revenue, then forming a thoughtful growth strategy and dedicating a portion of the marketing budget to digital advertising and web development may maximize your efforts. Once you get traffic to your site, having a good communication strategy can help your prospects decide if you are the company that they want to hire. Potential clients have come to your site for help – why not offer them live chat and engage them on the spot?

Adding live chat functionality to your website allows potential clients to chat with your firm in real-time – they can ask questions and build confidence during the chat experience, while improving your firm’s prospect-to-client conversion rate.

Read our new eBook, “Live Chat Online: A Guide to Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Dollars,” and discover how implementing this service on your site influences consumers in the decision-making process…and how you, the legal professional, can use this information to improve your intake, gain client trust more easily and grow your practice.

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