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Legal Tech Webinar: Don’t Get Left Behind

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As a law firm in an ever-changing tech landscape, it can be challenging to figure out how to merge the legal world with the technology sector. In our June 24 panel, we discussed law and tech intersection and how your law firm can implement certain changes to keep up. Our panel of guests included Dan Lear, owner of Right Brain Law, Liam Moriarty, co-founder and CEO of Lawgood, Erin Levine, founder and CEO of Hello Divorce and Emery Wager, a team member at Gravity Legal. Here are some of the main points:

For small and medium-sized firms, a lot of data about best practices may not be as easily accessible as for a large law firm with more resources. Along the same vein, figuring out pricing so that you can make a profit and grow, but also appeal to the cost-conscious client, may also prove problematic. During the seminar, Liam Moriarty, CEO of Lawgood, discussed how he sought to improve the experience for both smaller firms/solo attorneys and prospective clients. He mentioned creating software that collects anonymous user behavior and allows lawyers to use that data to inform how they approach a client or what they include/update in their contracts and agreements. 

During the webinar, Erin Leary, CEO of Hello Divorce, discussed how she harnessed technology’s power to create a DIY divorce option for couples, especially amid court closures. While you don’t need to necessarily create an entirely automated process, starting the process of integrating tech features into your law practice could be extremely beneficial to its success.

Since things began to shut down in March, there has never been a better time for you to find ways to use technology to be more accessible to clients. While it was possible to rely on the in-person quality of your services before, it’s an entirely different world we’re living in now – even months after stay-at-home orders. Online presence is essential, and the tools you use to make getting legal help easier for people can help you grow your business, even in the midst of a pandemic

To watch the full webinar about how to stay ahead of the tech curve, click below.


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