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How Lawyers Can Attract Quality Prospects Online

Attract Quality Prospects

Attorneys can no longer rely purely on word of mouth or traditional marketing methods and almost all agree that having an online presence is critical for reaching prospects and developing rapport.

Not just any online effort will do, however. It’s essential to take a targeted approach.

Your goal should not just be to boost your website traffic. It’s important to identify and build interest among quality prospects in line with your law firm’s mission. Modern marketing initiatives need to appeal to a clearly defined type of client.

We’ve highlighted a few tactics for tailoring your digital marketing campaign below.

Develop a Specific Profile of Your Firm’s Ideal Client

Successful law firm marketing relies on focused targets. Ideally, you will build every aspect of your law firm around a strong brand that has a specific client profile in mind. The sooner you identify this preferred client, the better.

Begin by drafting a list of demographics and general adjectives that describe strong prospects. Some terms, such as “dependable,” may apply across the board, but others will depend on your practice area.

When you describe your ideal client, take some time to think about what motivates them. Which kind of message is most likely to resonate with them? What will it take to convince this prospect to convert? A family law client might prioritize empathy, while business litigation prospects will likely demand a more aggressive — and detail-oriented — approach.

Tailor Your Message to Appeal to Your Preferred Clientele

Once you’ve determined the key attributes of your ideal client, use this to personalize your message. Every word matters.

Terminology that would appeal to a high-powered executive facing criminal charges might alienate seniors on the hunt for personable estate planning services. Tailor both the tone of your message and the specific keywords on your website to reflect your clients’ motivation.

Your message comes across not only in the words you use but also in your website’s design. The font, color scheme, and logos that you use all play a role. Photos and warm colors can make your firm seem friendly, trustworthy and approachable, whereas a more minimalist design could highlight your no-holds-barred approach.

Make sure that all the elements on your website work together to tell the correct story. The right design can serve as an implicit call to action, so take every detail into account.

The takeaways

In the modern legal marketing sphere, it’s no longer enough to attract a high volume of website traffic. Firms have overwhelmingly abandoned quantity in favor of quality. Your success hinges on your ability to pinpoint the specific clients capable of bringing the most value to your firm.

Bear this in mind, tailor your message accordingly, and you’ll have no trouble attracting quality prospects.

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