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Free and Paid Marketing Tools to Make Life Easier

Marketing Tools

Marketing a small business can be a full-time job on its own. This is especially true for law firms. From deciding on marketing strategies to creating content to monitoring customer responses, marketing effectively can feel overwhelming. 

Luckily, there are plenty of both paid and free marketing tools designed to make this task a little easier. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to get something done. Instead, use the right tool for the job. You’ll save time, and your marketing efforts will be more effective for it. 

Customer Research Tools

Before you begin the process of marketing your firm, you need to have some tools set up on the back end. Keeping your data organized and collecting new information efficiently is the foundation for a solid marketing plan. 


Let’s start at the beginning — say a client wants to contact you. How do you take down their information? Many contact forms are boring or confusing. That’s where Typeform comes in. 

Typeform is a simple, easy-to-use form,questionnaire, and survey creator. It allows you to use images, themes, fonts, and more to customize your form to your brand. The results look great and are responsive on any device. 

Best of all, Typeform has an introductory free plan so you can test it out before you commit. After you decide, you can subscribe to get extra features like email integration. 


Once you have data on your clients and potential leads, you need to organize it somehow. Airtable can help. It’s a convenient blend of a database and a spreadsheet, allowing you to link content simply and efficiently. 

Best of all, it’s available for mobile and on desktop, so anyone can access it wherever they are. If you’re working on your marketing plan while on the go, you’ll always have the information you need when you need it. 

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media is essential, but managing it can be a challenge. Using the right social media management software will help you keep up with the trends without being chained to your computer. 


Hootsuite is one of the original social media management tools. Once you connect all your accounts, you can create posts natively and schedule them in advance The tool also offers social media monitoring and advertising options. Powerful analytics will help you keep up with your social media presence without having to make it your full-time job. 


If you’re relatively new to social media, Buffer is a great alternative to Hootsuite. It still helps you schedule, post, and analyze your social media presence, but it’s more streamlined. As a result, for newer or smaller firms, it can be an easier platform to use. There are multiple plan levels, so you can choose what works for you. 

Content Creation Tools

After you have your marketing plan in place, it’s time to build some content. That’s easier said than done, of course. If you’re struggling to develop content for your website or social media pages, these tools can help. 


Sometimes, finding the right image to connect with a post can be the hardest part of the process. With a huge library of free-to-use stock images, Pexels helps you prepare professional-quality content fast. The convenient search function allows you to find the right photo for your content, no matter what industry you’re in. 


Having a top-quality social media presence will keep you on people’s minds even when they’re not looking for a law firm. PicMonkey can help you create images for social media than enhance your brand without the hassle of Photoshop.

PicMonkey is optimized for social media content creation. It has hundreds of templates to help you make images that pop. Though the subscription fee is impressively low, you can try it for free before you subscribe. 


Many of the best marketing tools for content creation lock some of their most useful features behind a monthly subscription. This helps them provide the top-quality features that make them so effective. However, you may not have to pay full price. By working with Appsumo, you may be able to find a serious discount on some of the best tools on the web. 

Appsumo is an aggregator for serious tech discounts. It works with big-name companies to get your eyes on products you might need. You’ll find categories for everything from lead generation and SEO to web development and data analytics.

Find the Right Tools for Your Brand

Law firm marketing can be as simple or as difficult as your tools make it. Using the right marketing tools will help you market your firm efficiently and effectively without wasting time. No matter what your marketing goals are, these tools can help you meet and exceed your targets without a lot of hassle. 

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