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Case Study: Attorney Cabo F. Granato’s Success With Martindale-Nolo’s Lead Services

Securing clients can be a serious concern for law firms of all sizes. However, small law firms may especially struggle to secure leads. Most small law firms have smaller marketing budgets, and they need to exhibit particular savvy when choosing their marketing solutions.

Before discovering Martindale-Nolo, attorney Cabo F. Granato invested in a law firm website to solve his marketing issues, but quickly it to be demanding in terms of both time and money. He needed a solution that provided more return on the dollar and required less of his valuable time.


After realizing he needed to do more than run a website, Cabo F. Granato turned to Martindale-Nolo for answers.

“Marketing with Martindale-Nolo was one of the first pieces of advertising marketing I did….early on, I realized how beneficial it is to have pointed, specialized leads.”

Cabo F. Granato chose Martindale-Nolo four years ago and has been a committed client ever since. He found the cost reasonable in return for the valuable legal leads his firm was receiving. 


Martindale-Nolo’s budget-friendly pay-per-lead program has kept Cabo F. Granato busy helping local clients in Maryland. 

“I find that marketing with Nolo is consistent. The return on investment — it pays for itself several times over.”

While the leads are excellent, he does have recommendations on how to maximize each lead for increased ROI. According to Cabo F. Granato, his methods for maximizing each lead include the following:

  • Following up with each lead within 15 minutes of its receipt.
  • Using multiple methods of follow-up, including phone calls, voice messages, texts, and emails
  • Communicating through the medium most convenient for each potential client

At The Granato Legal Shield, clients communicate via phone, email, Zoom, and in-home visits when necessary.

Paying It Forward

Cabo F. Granato has recommended Martindale-Nolo to other lawyers. When peers in the legal profession tell Cabo F. Granato they’re struggling to find enough clients, he recommends the game-changing marketing solution that worked for The Granato Legal Shield. 

“I would recommend Martindale-Nolo to other people, and I have in the past….some attorneys, they may be having some lag in their business, slow times, and they report it’s been successful for them, also.”

About the Law Firm: The Granato Legal Shield

The Granato Legal Shield is a small law firm based in Ellicott City, Maryland. Cabo F. Granato is the law firm’s founding member and managing partner. The firm focuses on legal issues such as:

  • Personal injury law
  • Worker’s compensation law
  • Immigration law
  • Landlord-tenant law

“Here at the Granato Legal Shield, we fight for the little guy; we represent the people at the core of our society.”

Pay-Per-Lead Advertising With Martindale-Nolo: How Does it Work?

When a potential client has a legal issue, they search online to find a solution. They come across one of Martindale-Nolo’s extensive websites within our vast legal network and fill out a law firm intake form with their details and case requirements. We send these to your firm as fresh leads, and you follow up with the potential client.

Let’s connect to learn more about our lead-generation marketing services.

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