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A Good Feeling

Do you ever get a good feeling about something, but you can’t put your finger on exactly why? You have a good feeling about someone you just met — that they are a trustworthy person. You have a good feeling that something good is about to happen to you. You have a good feeling about a situation–that it’s going to turn out okay. You have a good feeling that someone is going to get through a tough spot. The list goes on. Well, the same is true with legal marketing and legal sales.

Being a lawyer is about sales whether you like it or not. I’m not talking about unethical sales, but I am talking about having a high-quality legal product that benefits the consumer. We are a service industry–plain and simple. The sooner you realize that success (financial or otherwise) is entirely dependent on ethical and transitional sales tactics, the sooner you will unbundle yourself from the commodity that law is now perceived to be. You can’t be Walmart; you have to be a specialized boutique store in this marketplace to thrive.

People buy based upon a good feeling.

What do you do to make this vulnerable, cautious person have a good feeling? What essential truths are you showing them?

What you want to strive for is to have the person at the end of the consult say, “I feel so much better just by talking with you.”

In sales, this is called “yes language.” Your ears should perk up whenever you hear “yes language.” There is a feedback loop where you want to hear it so that you selfishlessly feel better, but you also get to put those words into action. Anytime there is “yes language” that means that there is great potential for a sale immediately. Stop with the sale and move to the close. Too frequently lawyers simply keep talking. They talk their way out of a sale. It’s incredible. When you hear “yes language,” the best thing to do is to confirm that their feeling is more than a feeling, but encourage him or her to crave that feeling on a permanent basis. I do this by asking for the sale like I talked about in my last blog. Usually something as simple as, “I have a good feeling about this case, and you. You are a good person. I like helping good people. It makes me feel good too. It’s why I went to law school. Now, imagine how much better you will be feeling when we make this formal and I am your attorney. How about we get started together now as an unbeatable team?”

Get that good feeling going.

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